Officials yesterday appeared by the Los Angeles International Airport to break ground on a $900 million project that will make the airport accessible by rail. Stakeholders hope the project will help increase ridership.
Traffic is so ubiquitous in U.S. cities that until recently, imagining urban life without it meant looking to other nations for examples. Then, in 2020, COVID-19 closures and lockdowns took drivers off the roads.
Years ago, Albuquerque, N.M., installed a red light camera system that was unpopular and eventually canned. The city is now considering a new camera system that would only target vehicles moving at dangerous speeds.
The Kandiyohi County commissioners reached a consensus this week, committing $1,314,386 to a project that will expand high-speed broadband to Dovre, Mamre, St. Johns and Arctander townships.
Hackers working for profit and espionage have long threatened American information systems. But in the last six months, they’ve targeted companies running operational networks with greater persistence.
Last August, Iowa's power grid was devastated by a line of tremendous storms. Experts say the time is now for the state to prepare for another weather catastrophe — and for potential cyber attacks.
By combining a city’s digital twin, a model of how it might be affected by factors like climate, with GIS, municipal leaders can make decisions based not only on physical factors, but the way people will be impacted.
May 6 marked the beginning of a 45-household rural broadband trial in Coconino County, Ariz., where Elon Musk's SpaceX will provide satellite-based Internet. The county first met with the company in 2019.
The Department of Homeland Security is mandating that pipeline companies report cyber breaches to federal authorities within 12 hours of an incident, and the list of organizations who must do the same will likely grow.
After Colonial Pipeline Co. fell victim to a disruptive ransomware attack earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security is requiring companies in the space to report future cybersecurity incidents.