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Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook is a managing director at Shea & Co., an investment bank that has advised in more than 20 gov tech deals (investments and exits) in the past 5 years.

The year ’s first quarter saw 2024 off to a sound start in gov tech transactions, with notable deals involving OpenGov, Axon, gWorks and Springbrook, according to market expert Jeff Cook.
A big final quarter brought 2023 to the record books for gov tech business deals, with notable transactions involving Civica, Civic Utility and Avenu Insights & Analytics, according to market expert Jeff Cook.
Jeff Cook, a gov tech market expert with Shea & Company, critiques his predictions from last year and offers fresh insights for the year ahead: Expect more deals, more private equity, and more global involvement.
After a slow second quarter, activity picked up between July and October, including some market-signaling moves such as a major investment in Accela that could spur further dealmaking in the coming months.
This quarter might just be the low point of the year, but there are reasons to think things will pick up in the second half of 2023. The second quarter saw deals with BS&A, Clariti, PayIt and more.
Although there is still some hesitance in the market due to economic instability, the gov tech biz remains strong, and the signs are there for a flurry of activity in the future, according to expert Jeff Cook.
After a slowdown at the end of the year, gov tech market expert Jeff Cook still sees big things coming in 2023 — especially from certain investors in certain verticals. Here’s what he sees coming.
Despite a slowdown in the fourth quarter — as was expected — 2022 wound up being the second most active year for gov tech after a raucous 2021. Here are the deals that closed out the year and what they mean.
With notable deals involving OpenGov, Michelin, Macquarie and others, the third quarter was another strong one in gov tech. But as it heads into the end of the year, can it continue its momentum?
Whatever's happening in the broader market, gov tech's strong pace of activity continued in the second quarter of the year, with several large deals and some clear trends emerging in areas such as asset management.