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If the recent past is any indication, higher education this year is likely to see financial stress, online learning, a crisis of faith in leadership, emerging tech such as AI and VR, cybersecurity threats, and a desperate need for skilled IT staff.
To meet the challenges of pandemic learning loss and a growing skills gap that could cost the U.S. economy trillions, institutions will need technological solutions grounded in robust research and empirical evidence.
An innovation mindset and openness to trying new things are key as state and local gov tech professionals look to continue growing their careers amid ever-advancing technologies.
Florida is among the states that are considering regulating the use of this technology, with lawmakers having filed at least three bills ahead of the 2024 legislative session starting this month.
University researchers say AI has the potential to help find useful new substances, from better batteries to powerful drugs, if it can enable autonomous labs to perform experiments exponentially faster than humans.
Anonymous surveys by Stanford University researchers haven't found a meaningful increase in admissions of cheating, but some educators still worry that ChatGPT could lead to creative atrophy if it does the heavy lifting.
From obscurity to peak hype: What can the rise of generative AI in 2023 tell us about laws named for Amara, Moore, Metcalf and Neven — and maybe even creation itself?
Embracing a logical, informed, discerning view of claims about election fraud or common online conspiracy theories is essential to protecting and preserving our democracy.
Amid the pace and constancy of technological change, it’s easy to overlook how transformational the digital era has been — and how the ability to pause, rewind, record, search and share has revolutionized education.
Thanks to a drone waiver granted by the Federal Aviation Administration, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division is able to more nimbly keep track of the state's entire rail network.
After a semester of allowing his students to use ChatGPT for coursework, political-science professor David Schultz found his students were keenly aware that the tool wasn't generating original thought.
An informal poll of various IT professionals in education revealed that IT labor shortages and the potential loss of institutional knowledge are keeping CIOs up at night more than artificial intelligence.
For the second time in as many months, Dallas County officials have disclosed they’ve been tricked by cyber criminals, only this time their mistake appears to have been far more costly.
In order to become “ultra-intelligent institutions” that harness data to improve all aspects of their operations, colleges and universities must make their disparate data sets accessible, searchable and analyzable by AI.
By "shifting left," or moving testing as early in the app development process as possible, state and local cybersecurity teams can identify vulnerabilities and fix them before they become problems.
Days before Sam Altman was fired — and then rehired — as CEO of OpenAI, researchers at the company wrote a letter to its board of directors warning that a major new discovery could threaten humanity.
With generative AI poised to reshape the public sector, AI expert Beth Noveck says it's up to gov tech leaders to ensure that its story is one of progress and enhanced services.
Last month President Joe Biden issued a new executive order on artificial intelligence, which ranks as the government’s most ambitious attempt yet to set ground rules for this technology.
Robotics have come a long way the past couple decades, and their potential to integrate with artificial intelligence and revolutionize industries could make them increasingly important in higher education.
One of the only two states to provide schools with official guidance on artificial intelligence so far, Oregon published an explainer on its website with tips, definitions, references and links to helpful resources.