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Jule Pattison-Gordon

Staff Writer

Jule Pattison-Gordon is a staff writer for Government Technology. She previously wrote for PYMNTS and The Bay State Banner, and holds a B.A. in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon. She’s based outside Boston.

Twilio, a services provider with public- and private-sector clients, says some customers’ data was breached after employees fell for social engineering ploys. The firm hasn’t shared if government clients were impacted.
The U.S needs defined metrics and more data about cyber happenings across the nation, experts say. Otherwise, it’ll struggle to understand which practices and policies are most effective and where to invest more heavily.
If confirmed as ambassador-at-large, Nate Fick will work to promote international norms around good cyber conduct and see the U.S. take a stronger hand in shaping how technologies are developed and used.
Higher ed’s complex array of systems creates a large attack surface, and institutions are likely to pay ransom. Meanwhile, K-12 schools struggle with cyber staffing but more often resist extortion, a global report finds.  
Witnesses testifying in a recent congressional hearing said domestic sources are playing a strong role in driving online falsehoods that undermine faith in elections and inspire real-world violent attacks.
The threat is fast, frequent and international. Keeping up may take stronger cross-border public-private partnerships, improved reporting rules, a higher national cybersecurity baseline and cryptocurrency payment disruptions.
Attackers who penetrate an organization can evade detection by using the victims’ own cloud-based services to conduct their data exfiltration and malware downloads. This is the latest evolution of living off the land attacks.
State, federal and local law enforcement has essentially sidestepped restraints by buying data from brokers that they’d need a warrant to obtain directly, panelists say. Passing the Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act could close these loopholes.
The Cyber Safety Review Board details 19 steps for public and private sector to improve the software security landscape and reduce risks from the Log4j vulnerability, something likely to trouble organizations for a decade or more.
As affordable cyber insurance becomes more elusive, experts are reminding governments that insurance is only one piece of the puzzle and urging them to focus first on investing in cyber defenses.