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Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT News
Experts say AI-enabled programs can help shoulder the burden of tutoring and improve it in some ways, but they have the potential to give inaccurate information and can't replace student-tutor relationships.
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Infinity Water Solutions and Quantum Reservoir Impact have announced a strategic partnership to develop, deploy and advance a water intelligence platform called SpeedWise Water, an AI and machine-learning software.
Speaking at a Senate hearing in Washington, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman addressed public concerns about the fast-growing technology and called for the creation of an agency to license leading artificial intelligence.
Former ACLU of Idaho Legal Director Richard Eppink said at a U.S. Senate hearing that a lack of public transparency and other factors led to damaging effects when the state tried to use algorithms to determine Medicaid funding.
Experts shared the benefits and risks posed by quickly emerging AI systems. In addition to the standard security concerns the technology brings, experts were quick to share some of the workforce efficiencies it provides as well.
The Spokane school district in Washington state is trying out an artificial-intelligence powered instructional coach to help teachers evaluate and strengthen their classroom practices.
The process, started in 2019, took a big leap forward last fall when the 177,000-student suburban Atlanta district opened what some experts call the nation's first AI high school.
As the tech world continues to buzz about the potential of generative artificial intelligence tools, Massachusetts CIO Jason Snyder describes what may be one of the technology’s first uses in state government.
The two agencies, which provide curriculum for advanced high school classes, published very different policies on their websites, with one banning the use of generative AI and the other welcoming it.
Many online courses have low completion rates, and the new ed-tech platform Courus proposes to address this by tailoring lessons to each student's particular goals, interests and skill sets.
The private research university in Pennsylvania will use federal funding to establish an AI Institute for Societal Decision Making and develop tools that can respond to uncertain or rapidly changing situations.
There are now smaller, cheaper versions of the best-in-class AI models created by the big firms that (almost) match them in performance — and they’re available to share for free.
S.A.F.E., a new software tool from AMSimpkins and Associates in Georgia, is designed to detect and remove fake student applications, recommendation letters and other fraudulent admissions documents generated by AI.
College ought to be a prime opportunity for human connection, something that shouldn't be outsourced to AI. We’re not going to outcompete the robots on efficiency, so let’s get better at being humans.
Researchers at a public university in Ohio are creating machine learning models for health care applications, including one that could analyze patterns of physiological symptoms and behavior.
Coding boot camps and educational programs are adapting to generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which are poised to transform several industries, by incorporating them into coursework and teaching students how to use them.