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Latest Episodes
Longtime investor and entrepreneur Steve Ressler shares his perspective with In Case You Missed It on the world of government technology and offers advice for those looking to enter the market.
Adam Henry of Arlington County, Va., and CivStart's Sarah Nicoll join Dustin Haisler to discuss what attendees can expect to see, hear and learn from government leaders, startups and investors at the October 2022 event.
Norma Padron, CEO and founder of EmpiricaLab, talks about health-care workforce challenges, the importance of facilitating collaboration in a hybrid world and how tech will help health-care teams work and learn better.
Hayden AI’s chief growth officer, Charles Territo, talks with Dustin Haisler about how technology enables cities to improve urban mobility and enhance the quality of life of their communities.
Accenture's Group Chief Executive - Technology and CTO joins ICYMI to discuss his recent book on human-inspired technologies and how they can help leaders approach innovation in a completely new way.
Dustin Haisler is joined by Chris Radich, Celonis' vice president of Solution Engineering, Public Sector, to discuss process mining and how agencies can leverage this technology to improve their procedures and delivery of services.
Special guests Brian Rempe (CEO, CivicPlus) and Ray Carey (CEO, Optimere) discuss public-sector transparency and compliance and how CivicPlus’ acquisition of Optimere will create a better experience for residents and the agencies that serve them.
Dustin Haisler and Joe Morris recap recent gov tech events including CA CIO Academy, the Texas Digital Government Summit and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) annual conference
The public sector is facing changing cyber threats — not just because of remote work, but from increasing ransomware hacks and nation-state attacks as well. But there are also new tools ready to meet those challenges.
Katie Tobin was a fellow with the Truman National Security Project and worked in national security before joining Google. She discusses the innovative ways that technology is being used in today's hybrid workforce.
Joe Cicero spent much of his career in the classroom before joining Microsoft to evangelize the benefits of remote device management for schools. Here he discusses all the new ways schools have found to make tech work.
On this week’s episode of “In Case You Missed It,” the crew talks with Google Cloud’s Quinn Chasan about how adopting AI has become easier than many in the public sector realize — and how it’s already helping them.
This week, the “In Case You Missed It” crew talks about weapon detection in light of the New York subway shooting and the Center for Digital Government’s Teri Takai gives an overview of the Government Experience Awards.
Joe Brazier leads K-12 strategy on Microsoft's worldwide education team. This week he answered the "In Case You Missed It" crew's questions about the changing needs of educators in the wake of COVID-19.
This week, State of Place Founder and CEO Mariela Alfonzo, with a Ph.D. in urban planning, answers the “In Case You Missed It” crew’s questions on urban design, spatial justice and how our environment impacts our lives.
The concept of circular cities hinges on reusing, recycling and redistributing material locally. Garry Cooper, CEO of Rheaply, explains how efficient asset management is helping cities across the country.
The “In Case You Missed It” crew is joined by special guest Jim Richberg, Fortinet field CISO for the public sector, to speak on the subject of state and local government cybersecurity preparedness.
This week, the “In Case You Missed It” crew get a crash course in creating a diversity and inclusion council from two Tennessee government workers who spearheaded an effort at the state’s IT agency.
This week, the "In Case You Missed It" crew is joined by Bradley Tusk, CEO of Tusk Ventures and former deputy governor of Illinois. Tusk and his team published an extensive outline for regulating the metaverse.
This week, the "In Case You Missed It" crew is joined by Luke Stowe, acting deputy city manager and CIO of Evanston, Ill. We discuss MIT's 10 breakthrough technologies of 2022 and explore how the role of CIO has changed.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced last week his state would accept cryptocurrency for tax payments by this summer. We discuss whether the move is all hype, or if there's something more to it.
In this week’s episode of “In Case You Missed It,” we take a look at how state and local governments are faring in comparison to private organizations in a new highly competitive labor market.
In this week's episode of "ICYMI," we take a look at an outline for how to regulate the metaverse, another injection of federal rural broadband funding and public safety data shared across states.
In this week's episode we take a look at artificial intelligence news from Vermont, which governors are showing the most tech interest and talk with Teri Takai about government's changing workforce.
Cybersecurity has been a white-hot issue in the opening of 2022 with multiple high-profile news stories documenting breaches, phishing attempts and other security-related issues across the country.
The “In Case You Missed It” crew is joined by special guest Ray Carey, CEO of Optimere, to discuss the future of public records and how his company helps agencies comply with public records law.
Special guests Cathilea Robinett, CEO of e.Republic, and Ben Miller, associate editor for Government Technology, break down the most impactful stories of 2021 and unveil 2022's GovTech 100 list.
The “In Case You Missed It” crew and a special guest discuss some of 2021’s biggest government tech news, from Tyler Technologies’ blockbuster buyout of NIC to the increasingly essential nature of broadband.
In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) - This week we discuss NSA funding for a cybersecurity workforce, Miami's reconsideration of an e-scooter ban and how likely it is for null spending to continue into 2022.
In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) - We discuss the future of cybersecurity with Dan Lohrmann, a cybersecurity expert and the author of the new book "Cyber Mayday and the Day After."