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Latest Episodes
On a special episode of ICYMI, Accela CEO Gary Kovacs discusses the company's new strategic growth investment from Francisco Partners, as well as its commitment to advancing the gov tech industry.
Cybersecurity expert Daniel Charboneau discusses the intersection of AI and cybersecurity and how personal AI will change the way citizens interact with government agencies in the future.
Juan Sequeda of discusses key technologies and provides his perspective on how AI can be used to empower state and local governments.
Norma Padron, CEO and founder of EmpiricaLab, returns to ICYMI to discuss reimagining workforce collaboration and her company’s current efforts to improve learning and collaboration in health care.
Deloitte’s William Eggers discusses the “bridgebuilder” approach to government leadership — solving problems through collaboration with partners both inside and outside of the public sector.
Gov tech veteran Angela Langston shares her insights on the opportunities presented by governmental challenges and offers advice for the next generation of gov tech companies and leaders.
Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka boldly calls for “recoding” American government to reclaim it for the people it is supposed to serve.
Veteran staffer and leader Bill Leighty has filled his memoir with practical lessons about how to succeed in public service, inspiring those seeking consequential careers in the public sector.
AWS VP of State and Local Government and Global Education Kim Majerus reveals how the company is supporting government modernization with AI.
Matt Stempeck, technologist in residence at Cornell University and curator of the Civic Tech Field Guide, joins ICYMI to discuss this comprehensive collection of tech projects for the public interest and democracy.
Co-founder and CEO Anthony Jamison discusses CivStart’s startup program — providing curriculum, market insights, key mentorships and strategic guidance to young companies looking to serve government.
Nick Mastronardi and Chris Adams, from the newly merged Polco and Balancing Act, describe how local government best practices in civic engagement and budgeting provide lessons for federal leaders.
ProudCity co-founder and CEO Luke Fretwell shares his perspective from the trenches and discusses current trends in the gov tech market — including a broad maturation of government IT shops.
e.Republic President and CEO Cathilea Robinett assembles a group of leading female founders in gov tech to discuss how they built their companies and to dispel any preconceived notions that women "aren't techie."
Optum’s John Campbell discusses current challenges for state governments managing avoidable claim denials, the impact on Medicaid providers, and practical strategies for states to proactively improve the process.
Author Vidhu Shekhar explores the ways government entities can harness new AI technology, plus ideas for fostering meaningful collaboration between AI practitioners and government officials.
Center for Digital Government senior fellows Dugan Petty and Sean McSpaden discuss the current landscape for cloud and as-a-service products, as well as best practices when it comes to procuring them.
Nationally recognized cybersecurity thought leader Dan Lohrmann joins ICYMI to discuss the potential impacts and likely outcome of current government efforts to ban the TikTok social media app.
Pavilion CEO and co-founder Mariel Reed talks about how government and technology are the two most important tools for improving lives at scale, and her goal of improving public purchasing for state and local agencies.
Local government veteran Clay Pearson joins ICYMI to discuss the current state of city management and how cities are implementing technology to prepare for the future in a changing environment.
MIT professor Ceasar McDowell discusses his work through the Center for Constructive Communication — designing tools, methods and systems to connect us and create a healthier society.
On this week's episode, Optum's Mylynn Tufte and Meta Kreiner discuss with the ICYMI crew how upcoming changes in federal quality measures for Medicaid and CHIP will impact state governments.
Government Technology writer Thad Rueter joins Dustin Haisler and Joe Morris to discuss the companies named to the GovTech 100 list for 2023.
Futurist and author Michael Mascioni examines how political entrepreneurship has emerged as an important driver of political innovation and has the capability to accelerate government transformation.
Six startups selected as the most promising solutions at the 2022 State of GovTech event introduce their companies and describe their offerings. In this episode we spotlight Rheaply and ThruGreen.
Six startups selected as the most promising solutions at the 2022 State of GovTech event introduce their companies and describe their offerings. In this episode we spotlight Electo Analytics, ForceMetrics and HData.
Authors Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai, whose experience spans the White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Harvard University, discuss their new book and delve into ways of making bureaucracy work for you.
On this week's episode, John Campbell and Stacia Nowinski-Castro from Optum explore the promise modularity holds in helping agencies modernize, when it comes to Medicaid as well as procurement and other concerns.
Jeff Cook, managing director at Shea & Company, shares his perspective on the record level of gov tech market investment activity and the role of capital in accelerating public-sector innovation.
Former CISOs and cyber experts Dan Lohrmann and Deb Snyder discuss current cyber threats, as well as how state and local government can respond to the challenges associated with increasingly sophisticated attacks.