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Training systems like Georgia’s Cyber Range are crucial, enabling students to practice their tech skills with real-world scenarios such as machine learning for a manufacturer or information security on a mobile app.
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Unsurprisingly, the artificial intelligence tool that captured the Internet’s collective gaze is now helping cyber criminals with their nefarious work. The tool has made it even harder to spot phishing emails, for example.
Former AZ deputy CISO — now interim CISO — Ryan Murray talks whole-of-state defense, election security and building the cyber workforce — and how strong collaborations underpin it all.
Sensitive personal information about members of the House and Senate and perhaps thousands of federal employees may have been accessed by hackers who breached a health insurance marketplace.
A new survey of government office workers across the world found that “digital natives” — those who grew up with modern technology — are actually more likely than older employees to exhibit bad password habits.
Court documents are revealing the extent to which Santa Clara County, Calif., officials went to crack down on restricted religious gatherings at the Calvary Chapel megachurch during the height of the pandemic.
Brian Tardiff has been tapped as the permanent replacement for Bijay Kumar, who left the CIO and chief digital officer post in September 2022. He comes with experience as state IT department chief of staff and CISO.
The company that owns Merit Health Biloxi says a massive data breach may have exposed patient information, including names, addresses, medical info, birth dates and social security numbers of patients and employees.
A ransomware attack against Oakland that has affected city services and exposed reams of sensitive personnel data is creating a nightmare for city officials who aren't sure what it will take to resolve the crisis.
The hackers behind an early February cyber attack have published personal employee data. That data includes current and past employees' Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, birth dates and addresses.
The Biden administration’s call for minimum security standards across multiple economic sectors is to face opposition from some lawmakers and businesses as officials work to implement the plan.
The FBI and third-party specialists are working to determine the contents of the released city data. Officials said the Feb. 8 ransomware attack was perpetrated by the threat actor group Play.
A new Connecticut bill in the General Law Committee would establish an Office of Artificial Intelligence and create a task force to study the emerging technology and develop an AI bill of rights.
Secure government requires a cyber-aware workforce. Doing it well means helping employees stay safe even outside of work, motivating them around the importance of security and fostering a culture where they feel safe reporting incidents.
Commissioners in Macon-Bibb County, Ga., approved the use of security cameras in downtown Macon late last month, raising privacy concerns and sparking debate over surveillance.
Personal information, including Social Security and driver's license numbers, may have been accessed in the Feb. 3 cyberattack against the Modesto Police Department, officials have announced.