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e.Republic is the nation’s only smart media and research company focused exclusively on public-sector innovation for state and local government.

We are a catalyst for better government. Our people are dedicated to creating the big ideas that move this mission forward. is the online portal to Government Technology, a division of e.Republic, Inc. Government Technology and its sister publications are an award-winning family of magazines covering information technology's role in state and local governments. Through in-depth coverage of IT case studies, emerging technologies and the implications of digital technology on the policies and management of public sector organizations, Government Technology chronicles the dynamics of governing in the information age. Managers, elected officials, CIOs and technology staff at all levels of government gain IT news and event information from Government Technology magazine.



Editorial Submission Guidelines

Noelle Knell

Managing Editor:   
Lauren Harrison

Web Editor and Photographer:
Eyragon Eidam

Senior Copy Editor:
Kate Albrecht

Copy Editor:
Kali Tedrow

Associate Editor, GT Data and Business:
Benjamin Miller

Associate Editor.:
Zack Quaintance

Managing Editor, Education:
Andrew Westrope

Assistant News Editor:
Jed Pressgrove

Staff Writers:
Skip Descant

Julia Edinger

Katya Maruri

Brandon Paykamian

Emergency Management Editor:
Jim McKay

Web Producer:
Andi Wong


Chief Design Officer   
Kelly Martinelli

Senior Designer Custom:
Crystal Hopson

Production Director:
Stéphän Widmaïer

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Co-Founder / Executive Chairman:
Dennis McKenna

Cathilea Robinett

Executive VP:
Alan Cox

Chief Content Officer:
Paul W. Taylor

Deputy Chief Content Officer:
Steve Towns

Lisa Harney

Paul Harney

VP Research:
Joe Morris


Alan Cox

Senior Vice Presidents:
Kim Frame

Shelley Ballard

Jack Mortimer

Sales Directors:
Melissa Sellers

Lara Roebbelen

Carmen Besirevic

Kelly Schieding

Lynn Gallagher

Karen Hardison

Account Executives:
Rebecca Regrut

Mark Androvich

Joelle Tell

Kristi Leko

Business Development Managers:
Brittany Hopkins Siebel

Sheryl Winter

Inside Sales:
Katrina Wheeler

Paul Dangberg

Dana Kansa

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Jane Mandel

Lien Largent

Tara Holm

Sharon Penny

Janaya Day

Event Sales Operations Manager
Alison Del Real

Chief Customer Success Officer
Arlene Boeger

Client Engagement Manager
Maggie Ransier

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Jeana Bigham

Content Studio Managing Editor:
Rebecca Johnson

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Adam Fowler

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Eenie Yang

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