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Wayne Hanson

Wayne E. Hanson served as a writer and editor with e.Republic from 1989 to 2013, having worked for several business units including Government Technology magazine, the Center for Digital Government, Governing, and Digital Communities. Hanson was a juror from 1999 to 2004 with the Stockholm Challenge and Global Junior Challenge competitions in information technology and education.

December 2, 2011

How Social Media Is Changing Law Enforcement

Social media raises positive and negative issues for police.

July 18, 2011

Phil Bertolini, Oakland County, Mich., CIO and Deputy County Executive

The role of the CIO has evolved from technologist to full partner in delivery of government services.

October 26, 2007

E-Vote: Voting Machines Prohibited in Guam

Requirements must be fulfilled so that use of the machines will be "no more problematic" than using paper ballots.

October 23, 2007

New York Senate Passes Bill That Would Prohibit Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens

"Governor Spitzer's plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens has incensed New Yorkers in every part of the state and every political party because they see the threat it would pose to public safety and security."

October 10, 2007

Federal GSA Temporarily Pulls Plug on California Government Domain

When the potential impact of shutting down all the Web sites was realized, the issue quickly elevated, and about 2 p.m., the state activated the Emergency Operations Center.

October 9, 2007

Federal Legislation Would Require E-911 for IP Voice Systems

"It shall be the duty of every IP-enabled voice service provider engaged in interstate communication to provide 911 service and E-911 service to its subscribers in accordance with the regulations of Federal Communications Commission."

October 4, 2007

Missouri Education Office Recruits IT Staff from Second Life

"It's like going to a foreign country, you have to adapt to the local customs first before you can really make any inroads."

September 21, 2007

227 Federal IT Projects Poorly Planned, Poorly Performing or Both, Says GAO

Homeland Security's Secure Border Initiative Net Technology Program was identified as being both poorly planned and poorly performing.

August 30, 2007

Program Employs Neighbors as First Responders to Assist Vulnerable Populations in Disasters

"We reached out to families who lived along the fire zone. Some were so moved by our efforts that they joined in and helped distribute kits to their neighbors' homes to help protect them as well."

August 20, 2007

Maryland Governor O'Malley Outlines Law Enforcement Information Integration

"We're also building a statewide criminal justice information system that will enable criminal justice professionals to track offenders from arrest on, without having to use 25 different passwords for 25 different state computer systems."

August 14, 2007

Cable Service Reductions to Michigan Police and Fire Stations

"The new statute allows cable operators to ignore many of their existing contractual commitments to local communities, including ongoing obligations to provide cable service to police and fire stations."

August 3, 2007

Red Light, Green Light, Texas Cautious About Intersection Cameras

Half the civil penalties collected must be surrendered to a regional trauma account and the rest spent only for traffic-safety programs.

August 2, 2007

Singapore's "ICT Landscape" Continues to Build Success

Within the span of one year, broadband prices have fallen by as much as 37 percent while access speeds have steadily climbed up to 100 Mbps.

August 1, 2007

Lower-Cost Domestic IT Sourcing: A Public-Sector Strategy?

"We are all competing in a global market -- the fight for customers, capital, jobs and resources is now on a global scale. The distributed global IT services delivery model is accelerating and irreversible."

July 30, 2007

Earthlink Shifts Municipal Wi-Fi Strategy

"If there's hope for this industry, it's that more cities will start serious benefit analyses within governments of the impact of muni wireless on operations."

July 27, 2007

California Will Decide on Voting System Certification by August 3

University of California results to be delivered today.

July 24, 2007

Boston to Join Second Life

Hopes to present concerts, hold virtual office hours by city officials, and help residents engage in many of the types of civic participation currently conducted through e-mail or on the city's Web site.

July 19, 2007

Washington State Receives "A" Grade for Governor's Financial Disclosure

Idaho, Michigan, Utah and Vermont require no financial disclosures.

July 12, 2007

Government Review Critical of South Carolina CIO's Office

"Agencies distrust the office of the CIO and current fee-for-service model of acquiring mandated products and services."

July 10, 2007

Larry Olson, Michael Moore Join Sourcing Advisory Firm

"You cannot do this from a top-down perspective, you have to do it collaboratively, and communicate to all the stakeholders."  

June 29, 2007

Britain's New Prime Minister Announces Formation of Government on "Downing Street YouTube Channel"

Media direct from PM to the public.

June 19, 2007

GAO Report Says Health Record Privacy Needs National Strategy

"Has not yet defined an overall approach for integrating its various privacy-related initiatives and addressing key privacy principles, nor has it defined milestones for integrating the results of these activities."

June 19, 2007

Westchester County, N.Y., Launches Enterprise Web Site

"The new site is ... intended to provide a unified executive branch enterprise view and is organized in categories that are more meaningful to the public than our organization chart."

June 7, 2007

New York Bill Would Require Study of Open Document Format

Electronic data can be created, maintained, exchanged and preserved by the state in a manner that encourages appropriate government control, access, choice, interoperability and vendor neutrality.

May 29, 2007 Launches Money and Politics Search Engine for California and U.S. Congress

The Web site takes publicly available information and puts it in usable form so anyone can check up on their representatives' voting records on bills and compare it to contributions from interested parties.

May 24, 2007

NASCIO on the DHS IT Sector-Specific Plan

"The IT SSP recognizes that much of the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources rely upon the IT sector for products and services."

May 22, 2007

Cook County Ill., Has New CIO

Antonio Hylton will replace Catherine Maras O'Leary who resigned recently.

May 21, 2007

David Pogue's Tech Predictions

The service was fantastic, said Pogue, but no one could figure out how it was funded. "How do you make money off of free?"

May 3, 2007

Colorado Bill Would Require All Sex Offenders to Register Online Identities

E-mail used for employment exempted.

April 30, 2007

Florida Senate Approves Bill Reorganizing State's IT

Executive director of new agency to be the chief information officer of the state and the executive sponsor for all enterprise information technology projects.

April 25, 2007

California Moves to Prohibit RFID in Licenses and Education

Bans use for three years.

January 19, 2007

Miszewski to Step Down as Wisconsin CIO

Announced departure to staff last Tuesday

November 28, 2006

IBM Wins Texas Data-Center Consolidation Contract

The contract -- which runs for seven years with three one-year extensions -- will consolidate the state's 31 data centers into two

November 2, 2006

Police Laptop Rides a Harley

A collaborative effort between the Department and technical personnel at both Erie County Central Police Services and Buffalo Harley-Davidson Inc.

February 3, 2006

Astronaut Keynotes GTC

"Leaders are not lone eagles flying high above the ground. It's more like a bunch of penguins wandering around, crowded and a little smelly"

January 31, 2006

Michael Cox Keynotes GTC Executive Leadership Institute

An economy takes some time to organize itself around new technologies, and now the economy is growing at three times the rate of the pre-computer era

January 31, 2006

Security Boot Camp: Day Two

How can you claim to have control of security when an outside contractor has root passwords?

January 31, 2006

The Lion and the Kimono: Wireless Insecurity

Victor emphasized the old joke about two men running from a hungry lion. To survive, one man needn't run faster than the lion, just faster than the other man. And so it is with security, he said

December 21, 2005

Menchini to Resign as NYC CIO

City's CIO spearheaded 311 system, other tech projects

December 21, 2005

CAN SPAM Act Working, Says FTC

Challenges remaining include malware, international cooperation, domain-level authentication

December 21, 2005

NYPD's Data Exposed in Hacker Raid

Credit card files not encrypted

December 19, 2005

City University of New York Provides IT Interns to City Agencies

"It's a great way to build experience, to immerse yourself into a medium to large-scale development process, the possibility of being hired is great, and you give something back to the community too"

December 15, 2005

California's CIO Outlines Projects, Progress

A long list of projects -- from laptop encryption to service-oriented architecture, new strategic sourcing initiatives and a revamp of the state's Web portal

November 9, 2005

A Talk With PK Agarwal

"I first want good customer service. In a shared services organization, if you cannot provide better service than a private-sector organization, why should they do business with us?"

October 24, 2005

Texas Web Sites, Call Centers to Meet Higher Standards of Accessibility

"We got pretty good support from the agency that is implementing these standards, the Department of Information Resources. Once the bill was filed, they got in contact with us and made suggestions, and those suggestions were reasonable, and we kind of worked it together"

October 24, 2005

Tecamac: A City of Hope for Mexico's Future

"This is an opportunity to build Wi-Fi and most importantly, WiMAX networks with a wider range. But the telephone companies are not interested in going there. They've had a chance. Why don't we let ISPs, municipal authorities, or even communities finance and own a small Wi-Fi network that can link its community to the world?"

October 17, 2005

Protecting Children on the Internet

Thursday summit for parents, children in Albany

October 14, 2005

Interview with Retiring New York State CIO Jim Dillon

"I'm very excited about the fact that I was able to make a difference in the whole consensus-building, collaboration and communication process among the various players in New York State"

October 12, 2005

Jim Dillon to Retire From Post as New York State CIO

To leave post Dec. 9

September 28, 2005

California Strategic Sourcing in Context

"Other states are doing similar things, but California is so large that it has had to be much more deliberate, and in the last several months, this initiative has really gained traction, and found some success."

September 26, 2005

Teri Takai: Survival Guide to IT Consolidation

"Technology is not the issue here. What we're taking about is what's traditionally called organization"

September 3, 2005

Digital Communities Initiative Has Street Smarts

To help cities, counties and regions take the next steps beyond "e-government" and "hot zones" and to engage information technology in the task of building the truly connected and prosperous communities we have envisioned

August 18, 2005

Rasiej Plan Forwards Technology for New York City

"Kids in South Korea typically have better and faster access to the U.S. Library of Congress online than kids in the South Bronx"

August 17, 2005

California Restructures CALNET II Telecommunications RFP

Four modules up for bid

August 15, 2005

Redistricting Measure Will Appear on California Special Election Ballot

"Absolutely nothing is more important than the principle of 'one person one vote'"

August 13, 2005

NACO Elects Officers at Honolulu Conference

Top digital counties named

August 1, 2005

California Implements Strategic Sourcing: An Interview with Project Director Terese Butler

"The last couple years -- which have been low-spend years for the state in this category -- the state spent about $90 million, and if you assume the state is going to spend 25 percent less than that, you can start to see the huge amount of savings"

July 22, 2005

Tennessee Gov. Bredesen Blogs

Does your governor blog?

July 18, 2005

Texas Legislature Moves Forward on Communications Bill

Includes broadband over powerline

June 30, 2005

Update: Florida State Technology Office Loses Funding

"It's a challenge to get them to broaden their perspective and be more enterprise-centric" -- Simone Marstiller

June 29, 2005

Florida State Technology Office Loses Funding

CIO and 25 other positions eliminated by Legislature

June 23, 2005

Orlando, Fla., Wi-Fi on Hold

Expense, low usage cited as city explores alternatives

June 22, 2005

Abe Kani, Atlanta CIO

"We will have the highway to push multimedia to the desktop so we can create a collaborative environment to share information and knowledge in the most effective format"

June 10, 2005

Pennsylvania IT Transition Plan Announced

"I plan to continue to play a significant role in the major IT initiatives across the commonwealth including enterprise architecture, shared services, operation secure enterprise, statewide radio and key agency projects." -- Arthur C. Stephens

June 6, 2005

Westchester County DOIT Publishes Newsletter

Projects range from speech-based gas prices to medical surveillance system

May 12, 2005

California Government IT Transformation Under Review

Proposal fails to address need for permanent governance structure, says Legislative Analyst's Office

May 12, 2005

California Legislature Fields Technology Bills

$5 billion statewide radio communications interoperability bill

May 11, 2005

Status Check on E-Government

When it comes to improving service to the citizen, are we there yet?

May 11, 2005

President Theodore Roosevelt Returns to California

"These cowboys were toothless, illiterate, with a roughness in grammar, they didn't go to the opera, knew no Latin, but they were men of gumption"

May 10, 2005

California State Geospatial Data Service Under Discussion

"We are right on the cusp of a quantum leap forward in our utilization of GIS. The strategic plan states that there will be a GIO to work with the California GIS Council to sponsor an integrated GIS plan"

May 10, 2005

Can Your Mother Understand This? Former Wyoming Gov. Jim Geringer and GIS in the Public Sector

"Everything you work with is somewhere and is connected to something. Geography is the science of our world, patterns relationships and processes."

May 10, 2005

Government Chiefs Assemble at Leadership Summit

Launch GTC West 2005

April 29, 2005

UK Public Authorities Confront Freedom of Information Act Implementation

"This legislation is a fundamental challenge to the current common premise within public bodies that everything is secret unless stated otherwise"

April 20, 2005

CIO Dan Ross Leads Missouri Consolidation

"I've been here three months, and I still don't have a handle on how much the state spends on technology, because it is so deeply embedded in every agency"

April 13, 2005

Welland Partnership Delivers Customer-First Services in UK Rural Councils

"Do not underestimate what can be achieved by collaborative working"

April 13, 2005

Internet Library Competition Heats Up

French counter American "cultural domination"

March 30, 2005

SAP Set to Win California Controller's Office Human Resources and Payroll Project

Next RFP, for systems integration, set for June

March 11, 2005

Olson Defines Texas IT Planning and Delivery Strategies

'We are very focused on execution and priorities. First priority is the Texas Project Framework, second is shared services, data centers and telecom, security and messaging'

February 17, 2005

Boston Subway to Go Wireless

'This technology provides an additional measure of security for commuters who will be able to report safety-related matters or other concerns while waiting on station platforms or riding in the trains.'

February 11, 2005

San Diego County Nears Completion of 7-Year Outsourcing Contract, Prepares For Next Steps

CIO Michael Moore participates in Center for Digital Government teleconference

February 4, 2005

John Keel, Texas State Auditor, Awarded Eighth Annual Bob Bullock Award for Outstanding Public Stewardship

'John retired last year after 12 years on the Legislative Budget Board. He had just got his golf handicap down to six, and they called him and said: you need to be the new state auditor. So he came back.'

February 3, 2005

State and Local Technology Trends

'Some governments still have 15 e-mail systems out there and multiple networks going to the same points of presence.'

February 3, 2005

Enterprise Penetration and Vulnerability

Why is Windows NT impossible to secure from hackers? Why should you not use a dictionary word as a password?

February 2, 2005

Mott Keynotes GTC Southwest

'We have an organization of show me the metrics, show me the money. Did we accomplish what we wanted to do -- and we feed that back into the process.'

February 1, 2005

Lessons from Teddy Roosevelt

'Use the screwdriver and hatchet you have, and stop dreaming about saws'

January 25, 2005

Microsoft Agreement With Massachusetts Will Keep Public Records Accessible in Perpetuity

Office 2003 documents will be viewable with any reader, including open source or GPL

January 21, 2005

Texas CIO Outlines Agenda

'Our message to potential partners is that we are looking at new ideas, and if we see a way to bring value, we are open to listening. We will reduce government cost whether we have a budget problem or not. We will support effective technology contracting and execution.'

January 18, 2005

Michigan Signs Storage Media Update Into Law

'With the almost daily advances in technology, it is critical for government to have the ability to adapt. This legislation gives government the flexibility it needs to do just that.'

January 12, 2005

Kansas City Funds Citywide Information Technology Consolidation

$1 million for phases one and two

January 5, 2005

Harris County, Texas, Takes the Enterprise View

'What we want from an enterprise approach is to reduce redundancy and islands of technology, reach an additional 15 percent new capabilities, and decrease our existing maintenance.'

December 29, 2004

Fresno County Converting Records

Expected to save staff time, warehouse costs

December 27, 2004

Access Indiana

Continued success through a shared vision

December 22, 2004

County Invests in Prison Video Network

Reduces security risks and costs of transporting prisoners

December 22, 2004

Parents Check Up on Kids at School

Attendance, grades, homework and test scores online

December 22, 2004

Self-Help Web Sites Assist Public With Legal Questions

Download forms, obtain information in several languages

December 22, 2004

Mississippi Counties Plan Case-Management System

Electronic filing and Internet access

December 20, 2004

Best of California 2004: 'Moving Beyond the E'

'We will see RFPs next year on statewide contracts that will reduce costs.'

December 8, 2004

Britain's ID Card Measure Opposed

Would be introduced in 2008

December 1, 2004

Pennsylvania Municipalities Have One Year to Develop WiFi Networks

New legislation allows telecom companies to block deployment of municipal WiFi networks

November 30, 2004

Mexico Connects -- Policy and Rural Broadband

'Use of unlicensed spectrum on a secondary basis, such as Wi Fi and Wi Max standards -- is a matter of true public interest. This is the kind of project that does need government intervention, because there is a market failure'

November 24, 2004

Intel Increases Linux Support

Quick Start Kit for Linux offered in Asia

November 22, 2004

Access Indiana Rises in Ranks

Site wins multiple honors

November 16, 2004

Taking ERP Public -- a Conversation with Chicago CIO Chris O'Brien

'Citizens should be able to watch their government through an Internet portal that connects to the ERP -- see copies of contracts, disclosure affidavits, whether the vendor is a minority business or not, and search by vendor, department, date to see all the work the city is doing.'

September 22, 2004

Nov. Deadline for California Data Center Consolidation Plan

Will serve the common technology needs of executive branch entities

September 20, 2004

Nov. Deadline for California Data Center Consolidation Plan

Will serve the common technology needs of executive branch entities

September 20, 2004

IT Consolidation Cases Presented at Western CIO Forum

South Dakota consolidation saves 25 percent, says CIO

August 21, 2004

California Performance Review Recommends Procurement Changes

'California should drastically modernize its present procurement system that adds additional cost to its purchases and often does not deliver, in a timely fashion, goods and services needed'

August 13, 2004

GSA Contract Reporting to Change in October

Federal Procurement Data System goes 'next generation'

August 5, 2004

North Carolina Passes IT Reform Legislation

An interview with North Carolina CIO George Bakolia

August 3, 2004

California Performance Review Issues Report

'California's technology programs have been diminished by the current budget deficit, restricted by stovepiping and burdened by archaic, bureaucratic processes. All this is occurring while the state stares at ... loss of a skilled technology workforce, with no plan in place to mitigate the resulting risks.'

July 14, 2004

California Performance Review Update

Plan on hold pending budget passage, governor appoints 21 to CPR commission

July 14, 2004

Arkansas Government FTP Site Hijacked

Al Qaeda sympathizers post videos, speeches

July 9, 2004

Georgia County Pilots WiMAX Wireless Network

'The power comes because wireless is an enabler of e-government, of better public service, better public safety, and for more citizen use of the Internet, and that's what makes our communities better'

June 24, 2004

WiFi Fills Networking Gap for Watsonville, Calif.

WiFi connects landfill and airport to City Hall

June 18, 2004

House Votes to Delay Biometric Passport Requirement

Extends October deadline one year

January 29, 2004

Details of Ohio IT Organization Released

CIO to have approval authority over all IT budgeting and spending

January 20, 2004

Stockholm Challenge E-Government Finalists Announced

24 projects from 15 different countries

January 7, 2004

Vermont and California State of State Speeches Articulate Technology-Related Programs

Wireless network, revised procurement system

November 25, 2003

Officials Assemble Task Force to Review HAVA Driver License Matching Requirement

Four states engaged with federal groups

November 24, 2003

Massachusetts Issues Public Review Draft of Open-Source Initiative

Tech investments must consider best value and total cost of ownership

October 29, 2003

Atlanta Airport Testing Biometric Security System

US-VISIT system compliance required at major U.S. entry ports by January

October 22, 2003

More Scrutiny of Electronic Voting Systems

Maryland General Assembly will look for 'outside influence'

February 20, 2003

Global E-Government Report

Global E-Government Report

February 20, 2003

In the Kitchen of the New Economy

In the Kitchen of the New Economy

November 30, 2000

Toppling The Stovepipes

CIOs at all levels are seeking to liberate processes mired in the Industrial Age.

October 31, 1999

All Government is Global

All Government is Global

September 30, 1999

Local Governments Get No Respect

Don't have the time or talent to build your own electronic-commerce application? Now you can buy one.

August 31, 1999

The Ultimate Devolution

The Ultimate Devolution

May 31, 1999

Lessons From a Warship

Lessons From a Warship

February 28, 1999

The Opportunity of Electronic Commerce

The Opportunity of Electronic Commerce

January 31, 1999

Intergovernmental Solutions

Don't have the time or talent to build your own

May 31, 1998

Engaging Technology: Sen. Richard G. Polanco

Engaging Technology: Sen. Richard G. Polanco

April 30, 1998

Notes From the Field

Notes From the Field

January 31, 1998

CIOs Think Regionally, Act in Concert

CIOs Think Regionally, Act in Concert

October 31, 1997

Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services

March 31, 1997

Electronic Commerce

What effects will virtual cash, faceless electronic transactions and digital signatures have on government, business and society?

June 30, 1995

AIIM's New International Image

A report from the leading edge of imaging: the 1995 AIIM Show in San Francisco.

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