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Anti-Leadership Tips from Politicians

You can learn a lot of things not to do.

One of the sayings that I have in several places in my home is the phrase, "It is what it is." Which harkens to one's inability to influence the current state of affairs or the future by our own personal actions. "Accept it and move on" might be a paraphrase of the "it is what it is" quote.

Which does not keep me from commenting on the state of affairs we face as average citizens existing in a charged political atmosphere.

There are several hot topics in the news on a daily basis right now. One is immigration. No one is happy with the current situation at our southern border and there are multiple opinions on all sides of the issue of immigration. On the one hand, in the U.S. Senate there has been a bipartisan effort to come to some type of immigration reform to make improvements in the existing system. Note that no immigration reforms have been made by Congress since the 1980s. Then in the House of Representatives one side is rejecting anything but a total win for their position. Thus the word "compromise" is not to be heard. In reality one party would like to keep the issue alive and not have any progress be made since they think it is advantageous to have the issue remain — especially in an election year.

Which brings me to the difference between "leadership" and "manipulation." In combat a leader might have to order people to take actions that could lead to their people being killed or maimed. If the person gives an order that is only given to accomplish a task that "makes themselves" look good, and not connected accomplishing a mission goal — that is manipulation.

Then there is the issue of energy production here in the United States. One party continues to accuse the president of poor energy policies that are impacting the cost of fuels. The reality is that the United States is producing more energy now, of all types, than ever before in our history. On the other hand, the president does not want to call attention to these record numbers because a significant portion of his party would see that as being callous and disregarding climate issues caused by fossil fuel production. Both sides are ignoring the facts and trying to garner support from their separate constituencies that either don't want the facts or would be disturbed by learning the facts.

It is what it is...
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.