The editors of Government Technology together with e.Republic Labs, a sister organization focused on civic innovation and new market entrants, have developed the inaugural GovTech100, a listing of the leading 100 companies focused on government as a customer, having developed an innovative or disruptive offering to improve or transform government, or having created new models for delivering services. These companies are active in one or more market segments: administrative, service delivery, intelligent infrastructure and civic tech focus areas. To have your company considered for recognition, or to change your profile, please contact us.

Name Founded Segment Description
Recovers 2011 Administration Recovers provides a website for community-by-community disaster relief.
iWorQ 2001 Administration iWorQ Systems provides municipal management software.
LocalData 2012 Administration LocalData software helps municipalities collect and analyze information about their urban infrastructure.
PredPol 2012 Administration PredPol identifies the highest risk times and places of criminal activity in near real-time.
FireStop 2013 Administration FireStop helps firefighters share critical response information in real time through its mobile software platform.
Placemeter 2012 Smart Infrastructure Placemeter helps cities measure movement of people and vehicles.
ProductBio 2012 Service Delivery ProductBio informs the procurement process, including how products comport with city preferences related to environmental, social, fiscal compliance criteria.
PostCode 2013 Service Delivery PostCode is best known for Next Request, a service for managing public records requests.
Pondera 2011 Administration Pondera helps public agencies use analytics to identify and remediate fraud, waste, and abuse in large government programs
Periscope Holdings 2001 Service Delivery Periscope provides procurement services to government.
Peak Democracy 2007 Civic Tech Peak Democracy offers a cloud-based online civic engagement platform called Open Town Hall.
OppSites 2014 Civic Tech OppSitess' platforms bring together cities and investors on underexposed development opportunities
OpportunitySpace 2013 Service Delivery OpportunitySpace provides an online marketplace for under-valued and abandoned urban real estate.
Opower 2007 Smart Infrastructure Opower (NYSE: OPOWR) is a cloud-based technology for utilities and their customers to help conserve energy.
OpenGov 2012 Service Delivery OpenGov software allows interested parties to access, explore, and share finance and budget information held by government.
OpenCounter 2012 Service Delivery OpenCounter helps new businesses obtain their permits from City Hall.
NIC 1992 Service Delivery NIC develops and operates official government websites, mobile apps, and secure payment processing for government clients.
Nextdoor 2010 Civic Tech Nextdoor is a neighborhood-specific private social network.
Neighborland 2011 Civic Tech Neighborland enables residents and civic leaders to collaborate on matters of common interest using a common set of design tools.
Neighborly 2012 Civic Tech Neighborly curates opportunities for direct individual investments in public projects and civic infrastructures.
MySidewalk 2010 Civic Tech mySidewalk’s platform allows cities to use aggregated demographic and socioeconomic data in planning and operations.
MuniRent 2014 Service Delivery MuniRent helps local governments rent underutilized equipment to and from each other.
MuniLogic 1973 Administration MuniLogic provides property management and administration software.
Municode 1951 Service Delivery Municode provides an online platform for city codes and provides legal, editorial, and publishing Service Delivery for government agencies.
Municibid 2006 Service Delivery Municibid provides a platform for public agencies to sell surplus and forfeited property.
Munetrix 2010 Administration Munetrix is a web-based suite of financial transparency reporting, management, and forecasting tools designed for government, schools, and their citizens.
MeWe 2014 Administration MeWe provides workflow software for government inspectors.
MetroTech 2011 Smart Infrastructure MetroTech helps municipalities use data from video cameras and sensors to manage traffic.
Metropia 2012 Smart Infrastructure Metropia manages individual and community incentives to change commuter behavior.
Measured Voice 2010 Civic Tech Measured Voice is a social media management tool for government.
Maximus 1975 Service Delivery MAXIMUS software and services help governments administer health, child, family, and community development programs.
Mark43 2012 Administration Mark43 software allows police to collect, manage, analyze and share information.
Loveland 2009 Administration Loveland is a collaborative platform for gathering, using, and presenting information about properties.
Loci Controls 2012 Smart Infrastructure Loci Controls helps municipalities extract energy from trash in their landfills.
Localisto 2011 Civic Tech Localisto’s civic engagement mobile app allows government to crowdsource data about civic projects.
Junar 2010 Civic Tech Junar is a cloud-based open data platform used by public agencies to use and share the public data they hold.
Granicus 1999 Service Delivery Granicus is a cloud-based platform for government transparency, process improvement, legislative efficiency, and citizen engagement.
GovSense 2014 Administration GovSense is cloud-based permitting, licensing and financial software for state and local government.
GovQA 2000 Service Delivery WebQA provides multi-channel customer service workflow, portal and social-networking technologies to governments.
GovInvest 2014 Administration GovInvest helps governments visualize and understand complex actuarial data.
GovDelivery 1999 Service Delivery GovDelivery is a digital marketing, learning, and open data platform for public agencies.
FiscalNote 2013 Civic Tech FiscalNote applies artificial intelligence, big data, and predictive analytics to help public agencies in decision-making.
EvoGov 1997 Service Delivery EvoGov provides CMS, e-government software and custom Web development to municipalities.
Esri 1969 Administration Esri provides a geospatial platform and related tools for public agencies.
Enigma 2011 Administration Enigma software allows governments to discover, surface, manage, and analyze public data sources.
EngagePoint 2007 Administration EngagePoint provides multi-program enrollment and case management, along with enterprise invoicing and payment processing for government.
eGov Strategies 1999 Service Delivery eGov Strategies provides governments with enterprise payment services, content management and additional interactive service delivery tools.
DropCountr 2013 Smart Infrastructure DropCountr is an app-based technology for utilities and their customers to help conserve water.
Remix 2014 Smart Infrastructure Remix allows city transit planners to see the cost and demographic and fiscal impact of proposed route changes.
DoubleMap 2012 Smart Infrastructure DoubleMap provides an automatic vehicle location platform to university and public transit systems.
Revelstone 2010 Administration Revelstone data analytics and reporting platform scaled for small and medium sized jurisdictions.
Department of Better Technology 2013 Service Delivery The Department of Better Technology is a forms software platform to foster greater engagement and operational efficiency.
Seabourne 2010 Service Delivery Seabourne provides data integration, consolidation, and visualization tools for public sector.
SeamlessDocs 2012 Service Delivery SeamlessDocs converts PDFs and paper forms into fillable, e-signable, secure online digital forms.
DataMade 2012 Civic Tech DataMade helps people track and understand what is happening in their community through data visualization and storytelling tools.
SeeClickFix 2008 Civic Tech SeeClickFix allows residents to report non-emergency neighborhood issues through its web tool, which are then communicated to local governments.
CrimeStar 1999 Administration CrimeStar provides investigation and records management software for law enforcement and the courts.
SmartProcure 2011 Service Delivery SmartProcure aggregates the purchase histories of public agencies.
Court Innovations 2013 Service Delivery Court Innovations’ Matterhorn platform enables self-service for resolving disputes and minor criminal cases entirely online.
SnapSense 2011 Administration SnapSense provides dashboards to track data about what communities want.
coUrbanize 2013 Civic Tech coUrbanize is an online platform for real estate developers and communities to build better cities together.
Socrata 2007 Civic Tech Socrata provides data discovery services for government.
SpotCrime 2007 Service Delivery SpotCrime makes public crime data available through a public-facing crime map and alerting service.
ConnectedBits 2003 Administration ConnectedBits develops mobile applications to connect governments and other organizations with their communities.
Compology 2012 Smart Infrastructure Compology builds WasteOS, a dynamic routing system built around the unique needs of the waste industry.
Civinomics 2011 Civic Tech Civinomics helps communities improve civic decision-making by using digital tools to bring people into the deliberative process.
CivilMaps 2013 Administration CivilMaps brings artificial intelligence to collecting and analyzing spatial data held by cities.
SST (Formerly ShotSpotter) 1995 Smart Infrastructure SST provides gunshot detection systems to cities across the country to help law enforcement triangulate gun-related crimes as they happen.
CivicPlus 1994 Service Delivery CivicPlus provides governments with cloud-based solutions including websites, HRMS, emergency notifications and mobile apps.
StreetCred Software 2010 Administration StreetCred is a software-as-a-service offering created by police officers who understand how police officers use information, data and leads.
Taser 1993 Service Delivery TASER provides Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) to law enforcement and corrections.
Cityzenith 2009 Service Delivery Cityzenith allows cities to see, manage, and use the disparate data it holds through its platform.
TransparaGov 2011 Administration TransparaGov provides analytical, management, and outcomes measurement software to governments.
CitySourced 2006 Civic Tech CitySourced helps cities and utilities manage their assets, ensure regulatory compliance, improve safety, and respond to customer requests.
TriTech 1992 Administration TriTech provides computer assisted dispatch, records management, and EMS billing.
Urban Engines 2012 Smart Infrastructure Urban Engines helps cities understand how residents are using transit services, and how those systems are performing.
CityScan 2011 Smart Infrastructure CityScan helps inspect, observe and predict street-level activity and changes that impact cities.
ViewPoint 1995 Administration ViewPoint provides online permitting, licensing, inspections, and code enforcement for local governments.
Vision Internet 1995 Service Delivery Vision Internet builds custom websites for city and county governments.
Citizinvestor 2012 Civic Tech Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects.
WaterSmart Software 2009 Smart Infrastructure WaterSmart Software uses mobile and online technology to help utilities and their customers monitor use and conserve water.
Captricity 2011 Administration Captricity converts paper-based records to digital data.
WiredBlue 2010 Civic Tech WiredBlue helps police departments connect with their communities and let residents communicate with them securely.
Xcential Legislative Technologies 2002 Administration Xcential’s software replaces paper-based rulemaking processes in legislatures and regulatory agencies of government.
C3Energy 2009 Smart Infrastructure C3Energy makes software to manage power generation and delivery.
Buildingeye 2011 Civic Tech Buildingeye maps planning application data in cities, allowing planners, businesses and the public to see what is being planned in their area.
AppCityLife 2009 Administration AppCityLife provides an end-to-end platform for developing city- and agency- specific mobile apps.
AutoGrid 2011 Smart Infrastructure AutoGrid Systems analyze the large amounts of data generated by smart meters, building management systems, voltage regulators, thermostats and other equipment, allowing public utilities to monitor usage and automate controls.
ArchiveSocial 2011 Administration ArchiveSocial provides cloud-based social media archiving for records management, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery. (Disclosure: The parent company of Government Technology is an investor in ArchiveSocial through e.Republic Ventures.)
Aunt Bertha 2010 Service Delivery Aunt Bertha helps people find social services and education programs in their neighborhood by ZIP code.
BasicGov 2010 Administration BasicGov helps streamline revenue management for state and local government.
Bidgely 2010 Smart Infrastructure Bidgely helps governments monitor and manage energy use.
BlueLine Grid 2013 Administration BlueLine Grid helps first responders find each other and collaborate in the field.
Boundless 2002 Administration Boundless provides commercial open source maintenance, spatial IT infrastructure, and data management and analysis tools.
BS&A Software 1987 Administration BS&A Software provides municipalities with a suite of management tools in public finance, property tax and assessment, and building inspection.
2FA 2006 Administration 2FA Inc. is a veteran-owned cybersecurity company created on the single vision of simplifying authentication.
Appallicious 2009 Civic Tech Appallicious creates open data visualization products for government agencies on its proprietary platform.
Aecosoft 2014 Service Delivery Aecosoft software helps governments minimize manual workflows and go paperless.
Accela 1999 Administration Accela software helps government agencies automate transactions and service delivery in land management, asset management, licensing, and public health & safety.
AmigoCloud 2011 Administration AmigoCloud provides mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions to government.