NuCivic, Acquia and Carahsoft announced the launch of NuData Enterprise, a fully open source software-as-a-service (SaaS) open data management solution based on Drupal. NuData is a new look at open data, say the companies, which allows government to use an Open SaaS approach to open-data initiatives.

“NuData allows governments the freedom and flexibility to either self-host and innovate on an open source platform,” said NuCivic CEO Andrew Hoppin in a release,  “or to easily deploy a full-featured turnkey solution, with enterprise grade support and security, all without the constraint and risk of vendor lock-in inherent in a traditional SaaS model.”
Hoppin cites WordPress as an open SaaS example. While many users do not pay the company behind WordPress anything, others use the SaaS product hosted and supported at Users can switch between the hosted SaaS version of WordPress or the self-hosted self-managed option, as there is no “lock-in” licensing.
According to McKinsey, the open data movement could help unlock $3 trillion to $5 trillion in economic value annually. Several governmental organizations have already tested and deployed NuData’s solutions to meet their open data mandates, including OpenOakland.
This story was originally published by Techwire