This month, the University of California at Irvine's School of Medicine will become one of the first in the nation to integrate Google Glass into its four-year curriculum, according to a university release. Google Glass will join other UCI Med School tech-based initiatives such as an iPad-based iMedEd Initiative, in which every medical student is equipped with an iPad filled with electronic medical texts, podcasts, reference materials and notes for all course work and clinical experiences.

Beginning with 10 pairs of Google Glass, the initiative will begin in the operating room and emergency department. The technology has already been piloted in these and other department, said the release, in order to assess its impact on physician efficiency and patient safety. Twenty to 30 more pairs will roll out in August, and Glass will be used to transmit real-time patient-physician encounters in specific disease areas to augment the basic science lecture; the transmission will occur over the 16 miles between the medical center’s Orange campus and a lecture hall in Irvine.
Students wearing Glass can take advantage of pertinent information delivered directly into their line of sight by faculty members, who can see exactly what a student sees and thus better guide a dissection or simulation exercises, and when faculty wear the technology for instruction, it gives students a first-person perspective. And when patients are equipped with Glass, students can see how they look from that perspective.
This story was originally published by Techwire