Wyoming Colleges Could Receive $1.2 Million for Cybersecurity Training Programs

The Wyoming governor asked the state Legislature for money to fill the cybersecurity skills gap in the state.

by News Staff / January 22, 2016 0

A shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals in Wyoming prompted Gov. Matt Mead to request $1.2 million for higher education efforts in this field.

If the state's Joint Appropriations Committee approves the request, the University of Wyoming and Laramie County Community College would be able to expand their existing cybersecurity efforts, according to the Wyoming Business Report. Over the next two years, $1.2 million would allow the university to hire two additional faculty members, promote their certificate programs and receive technical advice. The community college would also get some extra faculty support and a scholarship fund for students. 

Along with these steps, Laramie County Community College would take a fresh look at its cybersecurity programs, beef them up and make them easy for other community colleges in the state to replicate. By training more cybersecurity professionals, the state could attract more businesses who may have stayed away because they couldn't find enough qualified people to work on this issue.