a bigger portion. Some say doing so would encourage schools and libraries to spend reasonably, and discourage vendors from forgiving the portion schools and libraries are required to pay. Annual funding limits for schools have also been discussed.

PSRC's Russ said his district has done a lot with the E-Rate funds so far, and wouldn't be happy to see new caps on funding. "But at the same time, I think most districts -- including ourselves -- have been able to get a lot of our priorities taken care of in these first few years, and limiting in future years wouldn't have as big an impact as it would have initially when we were trying to catch up to a lot of other districts."

Another possible change for schools is self-auditing, and Russ said more auditing of any kind would add credibility to the program. "I think the idea that you at least give them some kind of guidance -- that these are the things you have to do, whether it's the selective review where they're auditing everyone or its some type of required self-audit where they have to do steps 'x,' 'y' and 'z,' I think is very similar," he said. "If we don't do those types of steps, we'll eventually end up losing the program because there are people out there going across the line. So to me, the more secure it is, the more they're making sure there is no fraud and waste and abuse out there, then the more stable the program is for all of us."

Emily Montandon  |  Staff Writer/Copy Editor