connections -- those capabilities also raise new security concerns. "It's not just a dedicated line between point A and point B anymore," said Carroll.

He said the division will use its position on the NYT governance council and management committee to ensure that sensitive information remains protected.

Pelgrin said NYT intends to handle security issues through a separate contract with Rome Laboratory. The New York-based facility is one of four U.S. Air Force "super laboratories."

"We do not want the NYT integrator to provide the security component. We want an independent body to do that for us," Pelgrin said. "[Rome] provides security for the U.S. Defense Department. They don't produce products ... so we're assured of getting the best of the best."

Reliability also ranks high on the Division of Criminal Justice's list of demands, according to Carroll. "One of the things that we're always very conscious of in criminal justice is that most of our organizations run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," he said. "We can't be down."

Despite the challenging requirements, Carroll said he's confident NYT will accommodate the division's needs and provide a means for the agency to deliver information more quickly and efficiently.

"It'll change the way we work, really," he said.

OFT prepared information for the local governments that describes the new network and the requirements for connecting, which Pegrin expected OFT to distribute in January. He noted that the NYT integrator will provide end-to-end connection service to agencies that lack the resources or expertise to do it themselves.

"Some state agencies will blow your doors off in terms of technological capacity. Then we've also got these little-town clerks that might need more attention," said Thomas. "We have to span the gap with a variety of services."

In fact, given the diversity of state and local agencies involved in NYT, Thomas said the best indication of the project's success may simply be that "everybody's still at the table."

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