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Thanks, again, for running this article.

Arthur M. Brown

Chief Information Officer

Albany County, N.Y.


Thanks for ["Finding a Place on the Map" by Bill McGarigle, July] and all the articles you've written on GIS in education. I do a lot of GIS training for educators at my USGS job, sometimes on my own and sometimes in conjunction with the ESRI K-12 team. We almost always hand out copies of your articles for the trainees to read.

I met the Shelly High School students you profiled at the Intermountain GIS conference in Idaho Falls in April and you're right -- they were excellent. They stole the show at the GIS conference!

Joseph J. Kerski

Geographer -- Outreach

U.S. Geological Survey

Sound Advice

I am a grandfather of 14 and wish to commend you and your efforts. My wife and I live in a small trailer park in Portland, Ore., where a known child molester is living. We know this as a fact because a Portland police officer brought a paper from the Police Department with his picture, name and the fact that he was a known child molester. He gave this to us and went on to our neighbors doing the same thing. The only problem is that it's been over a year now, and he still lives here and in that time, many people with children have moved in and they are unaware of the danger. We worry that something may happen.

I really think the innocent need protection and information such as yours.

Raymond Nichols


Portland, Ore.


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