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The GovTech 100 is an annual list compiled and published by Government Technology as a compendium of 100 companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the United States.

Note: To have your company considered for future recognition, make sure it’s listed on Crunchbase, and get in touch. For corrections to your company’s profile, please update your profile directly through or by pressing the ‘Update’ button at the top right-hand corner of your profile.


Companies listed with * are making their first appearance on the GovTech 100.

Name Founded Description
120WaterAudit 2016 120WaterAudit offers cloud-based water management software.
3AM Innovations 2015 3AM has designed an IPS solution that utilizes state-of-the-art sensors, communication technologies, and software called FLARE.
Accela 1981 Accela provides market-leading solutions that help governments to modernize and build thriving communities.
Acivilate 2014 Acivilate is a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company committed to reducing recidivism.
Airspace Link * 2018 Airspace Link digitizes local airspace for urban air mobility.
ArchiveSocial 2011 ArchiveSocial is the leading social media archiving solution for government agencies and school districts to remain compliant and risk-free.
Aurigo Software * 2003 A cloud-based capital program and project portfolio management software for infrastructure and private owners.
Automotus * 2017 Automotus automates curbside operations for all things mobility – from passenger vehicles and scooters, to Ubers and delivery trucks
Avenu Insights & Analytics 2016 Avenu Insights & Analytics is the provider of revenue enhancement, technology, and consulting services for government agencies.
Axon 1993 Axon provides electronic control devices to law enforcement and corrections agencies.
Balancing Act by Engaged Public 1998 Balancing Act is a suite of tools to help government engage citizens on budget priorities and financial issues.
Bang the Table 2007 Bang the Table offers an online citizen engagement platform for local government.
Binti 2014 Binti is a for-profit mission-driven tech company with the goal of helping children have safe, loving, and stable families.
Biobot Analytics 2017 Biobot Analytics is a wastewater epidemiology company that is transforming wastewater infrastructure into public health observatories.
BondLink 2016 BondLink builds technology products and tools to help modernize the municipal bond market. 2017 Purpose-built SaaS offerings for Health & Human Services.
Cartegraph 1994 Cartegraph offer SaaS solutions that help local government agencies manage their physical assets and associated operations.
Casebook PBC 2017 Casebook PBC is the developer of the patented, award-winning Casebook SaaS platform for Human Services.
CentralSquare Technologies 1979 CentralSquare is a new type of technology leader innovating on behalf of the public sector.
Citibot 2016 Citibot builds trust between governments and residents through accessible chat communications. 2020 People Intelligence (TM) for smarter cities and real-world businesses
CityGrows * 2015 CityGrows is affordable, no-code workflow automation SaaS software for local government permitting and licensing.
CityLife 2009 CityLife improves cities through technologies including Blockchain, voice, and native mobile apps.
Citymart 2011 Citymart is a tech company empowering city officials to better serve their communities through access to data, insights, and peers.
CivicActions 2004 CivicActions provides digital government services to federal, state and local agencies.
CivicPlus 1997 CivicPlus is the integrated software platform that powers over 3,500 local governments.
Civix 1979 A public sector software and services firm focused on critical infrastructure, grants and land management, elections, and business services.
Clear Ballot Group, Inc. 2009 Clear Ballot revolutionizes the GovTech space with modern solutions for voting, absentee, and audit systems.
ClearGov 2015 ClearGov provides local governments cloud-based Budget Cycle Management software for efficient budgeting and transparent civic engagement.
Coord 2016 Coord empowers cities with technology to digitally operate and price the curb at scale, creating more efficient, safe and equitable streets.
coUrbanize 2013 CoUrbanize is an online community engagement platform connecting real estate developers and municipalities with residents.
Cubic Corporation 1951 Cubic Corporation (Cubic) is an international provider of systems and solutions that address the mass transit and global defense markets.
EasyVote Solutions 2013 EasyVote Solutions delivers a SaaS platform to city, county, and state election offices to help manage the process of running elections.
Edmunds Govtech * 1972 Edmunds GovTech is a provider of cloud and on-premise ERP software solutions for local government.
Esri 1969 Esri is the global market leader in GIS, pioneering problem solving to help you see what others can’t. We build ArcGIS.
Forensic Logic 2003 The most powerful network of users, information, and technology in American law enforcement.
GovPilot 2014 GovPilot is a web-based Management Platform developed exclusively for local government.
GovQA 2002 GovQA provides highly-secure SaaS collaboration tools to help the nation's top cities, counties, and state agencies process complex work.
Granicus 1999 Granicus provides technology that empowers government organizations to create better lives for the people they serve.
GTY Technology Holdings 2016 Cloud solutions for Procurement (Bonfire), Budgeting (Questica & Sherpa), Payments (Citybase), Permitting (OpenCounter) and Grants (eCivis)
gWorks * 1999 gWorks delivers Simple Solutions to build Smarter Government and Stronger Communities.
HAAS Alert 2015 Real-time automotive collision prevention SaaS for public safety and roadway fleets
Hayden AI * 2019 Artificial intelligence powered data platform for smart and safe city applications
IPS Group 1995 IPS Group globally delivers smart city tech within an Internet of Things framework.
Itron 1977 Itron is a technology company that offers products and services on energy and water resource management.
Kofile * 2009 Kofile is a provider of information management and access systems solutions for government agencies in the U.S.
LiveStories 2013 LiveStories drives outreach and better decisions with civic data. Our online tools make it easy to analyze data and communicate insights.
Mark43 2012 Mark43 is a public safety platform that allows first responders to collect, manage, analyze, and share information.
Maximus 1975 Maximus is an operator of government health and human services programs that help serve citizens with compassion and efficacy.
Motorola Solutions 2011 Motorola Solutions creates mission-critical communication solutions and services for public safety and commercial customers.
Munetrix 2010 Munetrix is a web-based information tool providing data, financial information and forecasting tools for local governments and schools.
Municode 1951 For 70 years, Municode has worked with over 4,200 local governments creating integrated technology solutions to make civic management easier
NEOGOV 1999 NEOGOV is the market and technology leader in on-demand human resources software for the public sector.
Nextdoor 2010 Nextdoor is where neighbors come together for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods and services.
NextRequest 2015 NextRequest makes public records requests friendlier for the public and easier for governments.
NIC 1992 NIC is a provider of innovative digital government solutions and secure payment processing.
Numetric 2015 Numetric is a traffic safety analytics solution provider that empowers gov agencies to be more data-driven in making their roadways safer.
One Concern 2015 One Concern is a Resilience-as-a-Service solution that brings disaster science together with machine learning for better decision making.
OpenCities * 2015 OpenCities helps Governments transform their digital customer experience, without custom code.
OpenGov 2012 OpenGov is a cloud solution for public sector budgeting, performance management, and citizen engagement.
OpenLattice * 2017 We support public servants making more informed decisions using integrated data.
Passport 2010 Passport specializes in enterprise business applications and payments for parking and transportation.
PayIt 2013 PayIt simplifies doing business with state, local, and federal government through its mobile transaction and payment platform.
Periscope Holdings 2001 Periscope Holdings helps organizations build a better procurement process.
Pondera Solutions 2011 Pondera offers a comprehensive cloud solution to help you detect, investigate, and enforce fraud, waste, and abuse.
PrimeGov 2014 PrimeGov is committed to providing world-class customer service in its delivery of innovative legislative management solutions.
ProudCity 2016 ProudCity is a software company providing cities with websites and online government services.
Qucit 2014 Qucit is for Quantified Cities, improves well being in cities using Artificial Intelligence.
Quicket Solutions 2013 Quicket provides a flexible low code/no code platform that automates workflows and streamlines payments for the public sector.
RanMarine USA * 2019 autonomous drones, marine waste removal, water quality
RapidDeploy 2013 RapidDeploy is a Cloud-based Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Analytics platform.
RapidSOS 2012 RapidSOS is a creator of an emergency response data platform that securely links life-saving data to 911 and first responders.
Remix 2014 Remix is a platform for planning public transit, designing streets, and managing new mobility.
Ride Report * 2015 Ride Report is a solution for cities to integrate new forms of micromobility
RoadBotics 2016 RoadBotics empowers governments and communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their public infrastructure assets.
Rock Solid Technologies 1994 Rock Solid Technologies helps governments and citizens work as one through configurable CRM, Mobile, and ERP software solutions.
Sagitec Solutions LLC 2004 We deliver custom software for pension, insurance, and healthcare partners. Clients can trust us to deliver mission-critical IT projects.
ShotSpotter 1996 ShotSpotter, a public company, pioneers in gunfire detection and location technology and is used by more than 90 cities.
SimpliGov * 2018 Workflow Automation Platform, eSignatures, Online Forms
Smarking 2014 Smarking turns parking data into instant actionable insights.
SOMA Global * null SOMA Global
Spatial Data Logic * 1997 SDL is a SaaS premier municipal management platform that helps local governments to automate departments, workflows and functions.
SPIDR Tech * 2015 SPIDR Tech is a law enforcement technology company.
Springbrook Software * 1985 Springbrook Software provides comprehensive, fully integrated fund accounting and utility billing enterprise software solutions to local
StreetLight Data 2012 StreetLight Data is a data analytics company transforming urban planning and transportation design with the power of geospatial data.
Swiftly 2014 Swiftly helps cities move by changing transportation and mobility through real-time information and better data.
Symbium 2018 Symbium is the computational law platform, with a mission to bring actionable regulations directly to the point of human experience.
TrueRoll * 2018 Maintaining government property tax rolls by identifying both unqualified and unclaimed homestead exemptions
Tyler Technologies 1966 Tyler Technologies is a software company providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector.
Ubicquia * 2014 Ubicquia is a smart city platform that provides critical services, including light control, video artificial intelligence, and public WiFi.
UrbanFootprint * 2014 UrbanFootprint is an urban intelligence platform for assessing risk, understanding markets, and making better policy and planning decisions.
UrbanLeap 2017 Urbanleap platform enables local governments to confidently procure best possible solutions with relevant data at every step of the process
Utilis Inc. 2013 Satellite-based Infrastructure Intelligence Providing data driven solutions for utilities, engineers, and municipalities
Varuna 2018 Varuna provides alerts, recommendations, and predictions to help water utility leaders to effectively manage a water system.
Verra Mobility * null The leading provider of tech-enabled smart transportation solutions.
VertexOne * 1996 VertexOne provides affordable customer experience solutions by reducing risk and maximizing value through improved customer operations.
Visionary Integration Professionals 1996 VIP makes business strategy software for governments and corporations.
Waycare 2016 WayCare optimizes traffic management systems leveraging predictive analytics, and enables two way vehicle to city communication.
Whyline, Inc * 2015 First company to combine enterprise SaaS & navigation systems to offer a complete solution to a fast-growing, yet highly outdated industry
Zencity * 2015 Zencity is a Saas startup in the GovTech space that enables local governments to make more data-driven decisions using AI.

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