2nd Annual Digital Cities Survey - 2002 Results

by Charlie Lay / January 1, 2002

Underwritten by Microsoft, the 2002 Digital Cities Survey examined how city governments have progressed in adopting and utilizing digital technologies to improve the delivery of services to their citizens.

Mayors, chief information officers and city managers at over 300 of the nation's cities were invited to participate. The survey grouped cities into three categories based on population: More than 250,000, 125,000-250,000, and 75,000-125,000.

Congratulations to the 2002 Digital Cities Survey Winners:

Top 15 ranking cities with a population of more than 250,000:
1st (tie) Honolulu, HI
1st (tie) Tampa, FL
3rd Kansas City, MO
4th (tie) New York City, NY
4th (tie) Seattle, WA
6th (tie) Chicago, IL
6th (tie) Colorado Springs, CO
6th (tie) Denver, CO
6th (tie) Tucson, AZ
6th (tie) Virginia Beach, VA
11th (tie) Houston, TX
11th (tie) Memphis, TN
11th (tie) Minneapolis, MN
11th (tie) Washington, D.C.
15th (tie) Indianapolis, IN
15th (tie) Nashville, TN
15th (tie) San Diego, CA

Top 15 ranking cities with a population of 125,000-250,000:

1st Des Moines, IA
P2nd lano, TX
3rd (tie) Fort Wayne, IN
3rd (tie) Richmond, VA
3rd (tie) Torrance, CA
6th (tie) Lincoln, NE
6th (tie) Salt Lake City, UT
8th (tie) Durham, NC
8th (tie) Hollywood, FL
10th (tie) Hampton, VA
10th (tie) Irving, TX
10th (tie) Tacoma, WA
10th (tie) Winston-Salem, NC
14th (tie) Alexandria, VA
14th (tie) Bakersfield, CA
14th (tie) Lubbock, TX
14th (tie) Madison, WI
14th 9tie) Naperville, IL

Top 15 ranking cities with a population of 75,000-125,000:

1st Roanoke, VA
2nd Fort Collins, CO
3rd Independence, MO
4th Bellevue, WA
5th (tie) Boulder, CO
5th (tie) Westminster, CO
7th (tie) Cape Coral, FL
7th (tie) Macon, GA
9th (tie) Arvada, CO
9th (tie) Beaumont, TX
9th (tie) Coral Springs, FL
9th (tie) Richardson, TX
13th (tie) Cambridge, MA
13th (tie) Olathe, KS
15th (tie) Carrollton, TX
15th (tie) Roseville, CA