International Projects Offer Solutions to Universal Problems

A global perspective on portal design, public transit and information management.

by / October 1, 2008

In the Information Age, technology helps erase traditional boundaries by bringing people together in ways never before possible. Now you can instant message a friend in China whenever you want. The Information Age gives rise to a global community in which we can discover and share new ideas that can be exchanged and augmented at a moment's notice.

Government Technology brings you the latest on technology and its impact across the public sector. Our content can be transmitted around the world. Conversely we too can examine IT from a perspective that reaches outside the United States. The issues you care about also resonate with your international counterparts. And so, from time to time, it's good to take a look at what's going on at all longitudes of the globe.

With that in mind, we present our look at three key public-sector technology issues from Australia, South Korea and Canada. It's an international story that's certainly relevant here at home.

Click on the links below to read each story.

Australia National Web Portal Links Citizens to Government Services

South Korea Uses Web Technology to Boost Public Transit Use

Canada Creates Comprehensive Records Management Strategy

Chad Vander Veen

Chad Vander Veen previously served as the editor of FutureStructure, and the associate editor of Government Technology and Public CIO magazines.

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