Kansas DOT Deploys Intranet Application

Transportation department gets real-time intranet access to mainframe data.

by / September 23, 2003
TOPEKA, Kansas -- The Kansas Department of Transportation had been using an enterprise data-analytics application to get the purchase authority documents from the forms warehouse over the intranet. However, there were limitations, including long delays, "runaway" requests and out-of-date information. The department has now selected an intranet application that gives the department real-time access to purchase-order data on the mainframe.

With Host Data Connect, the staff gets real-time information from its database table and several virtual storage access method files on the department's mainframe. The Web-services application utilizes ASP.NET and XML capabilities to access and process the data, and present it to the user in HTML.

The application from Xbridge Systems enables Windows applications and browsers to securely access corporate data in mainframes, and to present that information in the format of the requesting application (in this case, Adobe Form Server), all in real time.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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