Redistricting Measure Will Appear on California Special Election Ballot

"Absolutely nothing is more important than the principle of 'one person one vote'"

by / August 15, 2005
The California Supreme Court last week overruled a lower court and will allow Gov. Schwarzenegger's redistricting proposal to be decided in the Nov. 8 special election. Under the proposal, a panel of retired judges -- appointed by both political parties -- would draw legislative boundaries, rather than the Legislature itself.

Schwarzenegger, commenting on the proposal earlier this year, said: "Absolutely nothing is more important than the principle of 'one person one vote.' But here in California that principle has been undermined by ... partisan gerrymandering. In the last November elections 153 congressional and legislative seats were up for reelection. And not one changed parties. And the reason is politicians drew the district lines so they could pick the voters not the other way around. This is not democracy It's a political elite building a fortress to keep themselves in and keep the people out."

Assembly Speaker Fabian N
Wayne Hanson

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