Top CIO Priorities for 2009: Consolidation, Shared Services, Budget, Security

NASCIO releases national CIO policy and technology priorities for 2009

by / October 22, 2008

Photo: NASCIO President and Minnesota CIO Gopal Khanna

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) has released the State CIO's Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2009. The prioritized list can be downloaded from the NASCIO Web site.

Each year NASCIO conducts a survey of the state CIOs to identify and prioritize the top policy and technology issues facing state government. The top 10 priorities are identified and used as input to NASCIO's programs, planning for conference sessions, and publications.

State CIOs have multiple priorities and throughout the year and administration, priorities can change. Clearly the current state fiscal crisis is of great concern to state CIOs as they look for leverage in technological innovation for dealing with this ongoing issue.

"Every year we take the pulse of the state CIOs to ensure we understand their policy and technology priorities, "stated NASCIO President and Minnesota CIO Gopal Khanna. "This exercise also brings about collaborative initiatives and guides our tactical plans for the year. Consolidation, Shared Services, Budget/Cost Control, and Security are clearly at the top of the list of policy priorities."


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