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Enterprise IT Governance Project Launched in New York

To engage key stakeholders such as the NYS Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, which represents approximately 87 CIOs from state and local agencies.

The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) at the University at Albany-SUNY launched a new project in partnership with the New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office for Technology (CIO/OFT) to pilot an enterprise information technology (IT) governance framework for New York state (NYS) government. The enterprise governance framework will be collaboratively developed over the next 16 months with key stakeholders responsible for IT decision-making within the state.

Throughout New York state, government agencies are already investing in some form of information technology enterprise initiatives and, as a consequence, New York finds itself in greater need of an enterprise-wide governance framework for IT decision-making.

"Governance frameworks are generally created to provide new capability for decision-making in organizations," said Anthony Creswell, interim director at CTG. "As more and more governments are organizing programs and service areas in terms of enterprises, it becomes necessary to create new enterprise governance structures. Information technology is one of those areas where governments around the world are adopting enterprise orientations as a way to coordinate activities and to leverage investments."

This initiative closely supports one of the strategic goals stated in the CIO/OFT Plan 2010-A Strategic Roadmap, which calls for the "creation of an inclusive and collaborative decision-making process for future IT investments."

"We want to empower the state's IT enterprise to drive innovation, technology standardization and interoperability in a collaborative environment that achieves integrated and cost-efficient IT solutions," said Dr. Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, NYS CIO and director of the Office for Technology. "An effective IT governance framework will provide the structure necessary to accelerate our decision-making and enhance the quality of those decisions while increasing the participation we desire from all strategic stakeholders." 

In this project, CTG will bring together key stakeholders in the NYS IT enterprise such as the NYS Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council, which represents approximately 87 CIOs from state and local agencies throughout NYS, to work collaboratively on the creation of an enhanced IT governance framework. The framework will draw on insights from current enterprise-wide IT governance structures within New York state, other U.S. states, and the private sector, as well as exploring frameworks developed in the academic literature and from individual government practitioners through a series of workshops.

Rico Singleton, deputy CIO and chair of the NYS CIO Council said, "The state CIO Council is pleased to take part in this important initiative. As we continue to embark upon the creation of an IT governance framework, it is important that we all work together to ensure an enterprise-wide perspective is reflected throughout."

The project will also include a systematic consideration of the public value of IT enterprise governance structures to NYS agencies as well as a review of New York's current capability to create and sustain new enterprise governance. It will culminate in a set of recommendations to CIO/OFT and the CIO Council for creating and implementing a new NYS IT enterprise governance structure.