Chief Data Officers: Which State and Local Governments Have a CDO?

Here's a look at who's filling the role of CDO in states, cities and counties.

by / July 2, 2018


Chief Data Officer: Jeremy McQueen
Date Hired: June 2018
Bio: oit.alabama.gov
Fast fact: Before joining the state, McQueen was Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis for the University of Alabama, Birmingham.
Open data portal: open.alabama.gov
GovTech coverage: NA

Richard Wang 
July 2017
Bio: arkansas.gov
Fast fact: Wang also serves as executive director of the Institute for Chief Data Officers at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. 
Open data portal: NA
GovTech coverage: Arkansas Bolsters IT Agency with Two Key Leadership Roles 

Jon Gottsegen
April 2016
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Gottsegen was previously the state GIS coordinator in Colorado. 
Open data portal: data.colorado.gov
GovTech coverage: Contemplating Change for Coding Competitions, HackathonsNew Colorado Website Re-Visualizes Ways to Interact with GIS Data 

Tyler Kleykamp
February 2014
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Kleykamp’s technology skills are largely self-taught, picked up along the way as he worked on GIS databases.
Open data portal: data.ct.gov
GovTech coverage: What’s New in Civic Tech: Connecticut CDO Works to Create State Data Officers NetworkThe Evolving Nature of State Data WorkChief Data Officers: Shaping One of the Newest Positions in Government 

Rhonda Lehman
September 2012
Fast fact: Rhonda has worked with the state for over 10 years.
Open data portal: data.delaware.gov

Burt Walsh 
January 2018
Bio: ast.myflorida.com
Fast fact: Burt has worked with data and IT management for over 20 years, and is the first to hold the post of CDO in Florida.
Open data portal: myflorida-floridadisaster.opendata.arcgis.com
GovTech coverage: Florida Races to Catalog Its Data

Krishna Mohan Mupparaju
August 2018
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast Fact: Mupparaju has worked for the Commonwealth for 20 years.
Open data portal: kygovmaps-kygeonet.opendata.arcgis.com
GovTech Coverage: N/A

Kevin Harrison
October 2017
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Harrison was CIO of the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity for over three years before moving into the assistant CDO position.
Open data portal: data.illinois.gov
GovTech coverage: NA

Darshan Shah
March 2017
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: In his free time, Darshan volunteers in several non-profits.
Open data portal: http://www.in.gov/mph/
GovTech coverage: Making the Most of Data: Internal, External Partners at the Table in IndianaIndiana’s Analytics Strategy: Unlocking Data to Unlock SolutionsLegislation Makes Data-Driven Decision-Making Part of Indiana’s Cultural Governance Fabric

Youri Assi Antonin
June 2018
Bio: maine.gov
Fast fact: Antonin initially joined Maine State Government as the Director of Business Intelligence.
Open data portal: data.maine.gov
GovTech coverage: N/A

New Jersey 
Liz Rowe
March 2015
Bio: NA
Fast fact: The chief data officer position was codified into state law in New Jersey in February.  
Open data portal: data.nj.gov
GovTech coverage: Are Open Data Efforts Working?; Unified Cybersecurity Unit Is Necessary to Protect New Jersey Agencies from Threats; New Jersey Prioritizes Open Data, Codifies Chief Data Officer Position

New York 
John Rager (Acting)
January 2018 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Rager has over 28 years of data and IT experience in New York State government, serving within the Office of the Chief Data Officer since 2013.
GovTech coverage: NA

North Carolina
John Correllus
April 2016
Bio: it.nc.gov
Fast fact: Correllus also serves as director of North Carolina’s Government Data Analytics Center.
Open data portal: NA
GovTech coverage: Taking a Peek Inside North Carolina's Government Data Analytics Center; The Evolving Nature of State Data Work

North Dakota
Dorman Bazzell
October 2018
Bio: N/A
Open data portal: Bazzell previously spent 30 years in the private sector.
GovTech coverage: N/A
Ed Kelly
September 2015
Fast fact: Prior to his current role, Kelly served as the Texas Department of Agriculture's Chief Administrative Officer for over three years.
Open data portal: data.texas.gov

Drew Mingl
August 2014
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Drew considers himself the "data ninja" of Utah.
Open data portal: opendata.utah.gov
GovTech coverage: 6 Ideas to Help Government Realize Open Data's Transformative Power

Andrew Laing
October 2017
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Laing has been working for the state of Vermont since 2013, starting off as the Lead Enterprise Business Analyst
Open data portal: data.vermont.gov
GovTech coverage: The Evolving Nature of State Data Work

Carlos Rivero
July 2018
Fast fact: Rivero hold’s a master’s degree in business intelligence and analytics from Saint Joseph’s University.
Open data portal: NA


King County, Wash.
Bill Yock
February 2017
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: prior to joining King County, Yock was executive director of enterprise information services for the University of Washington. 
Open data portal: data.kingcounty.gov
GovTech coverage: NA

Los Angeles County
Mark Greninger
June 2016
Bio: lacounty.gov
Fast fact: Before becoming CDO, Greninger was L.A. County’s geographic information officer for a decade.
Open data portal: data.lacounty.gov
GovTech coverage: The Job of Data: The Chiefs in Charge of Data in the C Suite 

Riverside County, Calif.
Tom Mullen
May 2015
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Mullen started working with the county in 1999 as the chief deputy treasurer tax collector. Open data portal: data.countyofriverside.us
GovTech coverage: RFP Seeks Providers to Build 1 GB Broadband Network to Every Home, Business in Riverside County, Calif. 

San Francisco County, Calif.
Joy Bonaguro 
February 2014 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Bonaguro was one of Government Technology’s Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers in 2016 as part of Team San Francisco
Open data portal: data.sfgov.org
GovTech coverage: What’s New in Civic Tech: Bloomberg Cities Highlights 'Data-Driven Women to Watch'; San Francisco Announces Chief Data Officer Joy BonaguroSan Francisco's Chief Data Geek Prepares to Roll Up Her Sleeves


Stephanie Costa Leabo (acting)
June 2016 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Costa Leabo also serves as the city's director of performance management.
Open data portal: data.cityofboston.gov 
GovTech coverage: Boston Appoints First Chief Data Officer; 'Analyze Boston' to Expand Data Sets, Enhance Data Literacy, Open Data Portal Beta Encourages Visitors to 'Analyze Boston' 

Brandon Crowley 
July 2015 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Crowley’s IT career with the city spans more than 17 years, according to LinkedIn. Crowley reports to Chief Performance Officer Leigh Tami. 
Open data portal: data.cincinnati-oh.gov
GovTech coverage: 5 Ways Data Analytics, Performance Agreements Saved Cincinnati $3.3 Million in Fiscal 2017

Kansas City, MO
Eric Roche 
May 2015 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Roche calls himself an “open data pitmaster” on Twitter
Open data portal: data.kcmo.org 
GovTech coverage: 3 Highlights from the 2016 Gigabit City Summit; How Kansas City, Mo.’s Data Inventory Led to Better Open Data 

Michael Schnuerle 
October 2016 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Before joining the city, Schnuerle launched a Google Maps-based tool to show users crime reports from around Louisville. 
Open data portal: data.louisvilleky.gov
GovTech coverage: Louisville, Ky., Becomes 12th City to Hire Chief Data Officer

Robyn Mace 
July 2016 
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: In an article published last year, Mace said she hoped to roll out new data sets including city employee earnings. 
Open data portal: data.nashville.gov
GovTech coverage: NA

Tim Wisniewski 
April 2014 
Bio: timwis.com
Fast fact: Wisniewski and his team have helped the city’s departments release more than 350 data sets. 
Open data portal: opendataphilly.org 
GovTech coverage: Philadelphia’s Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation Works to Overhaul City Services; Philadelphia Hires New Chief Data Officer; Chief Data Officers: Shaping One of the Newest Positions in Government

Laura Meixell
January 2014
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Laura once served as a Presidential Management Fellow for Code for America, where she worked on performance management and developed a place-based data drive review process. 
Open data portal: http://www.wprdc.org/
GovTech coverage: Visualization Takes Open Data to the Next Level; Using Data and Analytics to Make Pittsburgh Neighborhoods Great

San Diego  
Maksim Pecherskiy 
November 2014 
Bio: sandiego.gov
Fast fact: Pecherskiy ran a one-man data shop until September 2015 when he hired his first employee. 
Open data portal: data.sandiego.gov 
GovTech coverage: Jam-Packed C-Suite: How Can 3-Letter Chiefs with Roles that Touch Tech Work Together?; San Diego Hires its First Chief Data Officer 

San Jose 
Erica Garaffo (Data Analytics Lead)
May 2015
Bio: LinkedIn
Fast fact: Before Garaffo’s analytic role, she was a performance auditor for the city of San Jose for three years. 
Open data portal: data.sanjoseca.gov
GovTech coverage: First Steps for Cities in Harnessing the Value of Untapped Data 

Sam Edelstein 
March 2016 
Bio: InnovateSyracuse
Fast fact: In his previous role with the city, Edelstein built a data model designed to better apply maintenance to streets, according to LinkedIn. 
Open data portal: http://data.syrgov.net/
GovTech coverage: What’s New in Civic Tech: Washington, D.C., Forms New Data Science Team 

Washington, D.C.
Barney Krucoff 
June 2016 
Bio: octo.dc.gov 
Fast fact: Krucoff leads a team of employees that worked together previously in an unofficial capacity. 
Open data portal: dc.gov/page/open-data 
GovTech coverage: D.C. Chooses Chief Data Officer to Serve as Interim Chief Technology Officer; Barney Krucoff Named First Chief Data Officer of Washington, D.C.