BMW just set two Guinness World Records by drifting a car sideways for how long?

Answer: 232.5 miles for eight hours.

by / January 12, 2018

On Dec. 11, 2017, at BMW’s Performance Center in Greer, S.C., a driving instructor named Johan Schwartz drifted a 2018 BMW M5 for 232.5 miles over eight straight hours to set a new world record. BMW previously held the record for the Greatest Distance Vehicle Drift in 2013, but in 2014 Toyota took it away.

At the same time, they set an additional record for the Longest Twin Vehicle Drift (Water Assisted). Matt Mullins, BMW performance center chief drifting instructor, drifted alongside the first car in a separate vehicle for 49.25 miles. Why? To refuel the first car.

The first car was outfitted with a “dry brake fuel” system based on the fuel setup used by fighter jets during mid-air refuelings, with the fuel filler installed in place of the glass just behind the backseat window. This allowed someone to lean out of the back of the second car and refuel the first, a maneuver that they successfully completed five different times for the total 49.25 miles.

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