As the drone market is quickly growing, so is the counter-drone arsenal from companies like DroneShield. Its latest product, the DroneGun Tactical, is significantly smaller both in size and range than the company’s original DoneGun but can disrupt more frequencies.

The DroneGun Tactical works by broadcasting jamming frequencies at nearby drones. You can either cause them to return to their takeoff point, hopefully leading you to the pilot, or disrupt their GPS signal and cause them to land on the spot.

The gun is also self-contained, meaning it doesn’t require a backpack full of external equipment, making it much more portable than other models. And although its range is much shorter — only 0.6 miles as opposed to its predecessor’s 1.2 miles — it can disrupt the 433 MHz and 915 MHz bands in addition to the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.

According to Digital Trends, the guns will only be made available to “qualified end-users, where lawful,” which probably means that only specific government agencies will have access to them.