Can smartphones stop arrows?

Answer: Yes, but then you’ll need a new one.

by / March 15, 2019

One man in Australia just (unintentionally) put his smartphone to the ultimate test, and while it performed admirably, it regrettably did not survive.

Gizmodo reports that police in Nimbin, New South Wales in Australia responded to a crime scene in which one man pulled into the driveway of his home to find another man standing nearby armed with a bow and arrow. The driver got out of his car and raised his smartphone in order to take a picture when the armed man suddenly shot at him.

The arrow pierced the phone from behind and became lodged in the device, with a few inches of the tip protruding through the screen and completely removing the screen protector. The phone’s owner was unharmed except for a small laceration on his chin from the force of the impact — had he not been holding his phone in front of his face, things could have been a lot worse.