Can a car play chess?

Answer: It can if it’s a Tesla.

by / July 29, 2019
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The electric car maker has added one of the most iconic board games to its growing in-car gaming app “Arcade.”

Tesla drivers can now use the infotainment screens in their vehicles to play chess against their passengers or their car itself. They can also, if they so choose, watch the car play itself. As one may have guessed, the game can only be played while the vehicle is parked.

The Arcade feature is a relatively new one for Tesla cars, first introduced at the E3 gaming conference in June. Unlike in the past where the in-car games were only hidden “Easter eggs” or software features, Arcade presents them all in a central location like an app on a smartphone. TechCrunch reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has discussed the possibility of allowing developers onto the Arcade platform, so this could only be the first of many new games to come to the cars.



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