Autonomous grocery delivery has come to which California city?

Answer: San Jose.

by / August 29, 2018

Self-driving technology maker AutoX announced the Monday launch of a pilot program that will see groceries delivered directly to the city’s residents via autonomous vehicles. If the San Jose pilot goes well, a full-scale program will launch in the city and in other California cities as well.

For the current pilot, residents within geofenced areas of San Jose can place an order through GrubMarket, an app which sources produce from local producers and has partnered with AutoX for this project. A driverless Lincoln MKZ with a temperature-controlled trunk will then take the food to the customer. To navigate, the car uses GPS guidance while an AI “watches” the road via high-resolution cameras.

Users unlock the trunk via the app when the car arrives to retrieve their items. Additionally, the rear window on the passenger side will roll down and the customer can take any of the extra items available there. A computer vision system will keep track of anything they take, to be added to their bill.