Where did all the e-scooters in Miami go?

Answer: They’ve been put away until after Hurricane Dorian passes.

by / September 3, 2019

The city of Miami ordered all e-scooter providers to remove their products from its streets before Hurricane Dorian hits, lest they become dangerous flying projectiles. There are six companies with permits to operate scooters in the Florida city: Bird, Bolt, Lime, Lyft, Spin and Uber’s Jump. The move has inspired a new social media hashtag: #scooternado, which invokes some unpleasant imagery.

As of Friday, all companies except Bolt had confirmed to news outlets that their scooters were off the streets of Miami. Lime also put away its scooters and bikes in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale and reduced its Tampa fleet, while Jump pulled its devices in Tampa as well.

The latest updates have Hurricane Dorian making landfall in southern Florida sometime Tuesday morning, though its exact track is still unclear. The storm is expected to reach Category 4 by the time it hits Florida and could be the worst the state has seen in three decades.

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