Will you get angry glares and/or be kicked out for taking out your phone during Yale's next classical concert?

Answer: No; in fact, the performers are counting on it.

by / September 26, 2017

Allowing your phone to be seen out in the open at a classical concert is one of the biggest faux pas you can commit in the era of cellphone technology. That is, unless you’re at the Yale Concert Band’s 2017 season-opening concert. Scheduled for Oct. 6, the performance includes a segment that relies on the audience committing this typically egregious act.

The band will be performing Cody Brookshire’s “Honeycomb,” a piece that integrates any Web-enabled mobile devices present. It works using SynkroTakt technology to map audio files to the audience members’ devices, and then plays those files in sync with the concert band. It’s basically the same as adding a speaker for every device throughout the concert hall that syncs up. It’s an interesting and innovative way of using technology to get the audience involved and make them part of the performance.