What invention are scientists using to search for Bigfoot?

What invention are scientists using to search for Bigfoot?

by / October 17, 2012
Image courtesy of Gizmag

Answer: a remote-controlled airship

William Barnes, founder of the Falcon Project, is working with the Canadian company Remote Aerial Tripods (RATS) to build a 45-foot long ship, dubbed the Aurora, with a camera to fly over Northern California to look for Bigfoot, the elusive creature whose existence many people doubt.

The Aurora’s features will include a propulsion system and helium chambers for flight. The ship will reach speeds of 45 mph and remain aloft for three to four hours at a time. Barnes and his team will pilot the dirigible remotely from a motor home. RATS is building a thermal imaging, infrared HD video camera specifically for the project.

Barnes was prompted for this personal mission after a life-changing gold prospecting expedition 15 years ago in Northern California. He followed a strange noise to an area near his campsite and saw a mysterious creature moving downhill and approaching his tent. Its funny shape convinced him it was Bigfoot, and now he’s looking for concrete proof with the Falcon Project. 



Hilton Collins

Hilton Collins is a former staff writer for Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.

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