How do you turn an iPhone XS into a time machine?

Answer: With a $6,490+ case.

by / October 18, 2018
(AP/Charlie Riedel)

It can’t actually take you back in time, but the Grand Complications Skeleton case by Caviar can give you a look into the intricacies of a machine that tells time.

In a design created to blend the old with the new, Caviar’s iPhone XS case combines the modern smartphone with the time-honored (pun intended) traditional luxury mechanical watch. The back of the case contains what’s known as a skeleton watch, where all of the pieces and parts that make it tick are visible.

You get both the phone and the case at a starting price of $6,490 that increases with options such as storage and the XS Max. The case comes in three colors: titanium, rose gold, and gold and black.