How can you optimize your images for the Web?

Answer: ‘Squoosh’ them!

by / November 14, 2018

Google’s new Web-based app is taking aim at large images that slow down the browsing experience.

The tool, called Squoosh, lets you do just that to your images. It can compress an image saved in most Web formats, from JPEG to PNG to MozJPEG. While squooshing, you can view a 1:1 comparison of the images, to make sure you aren’t compromising too much quality. Once you’re done, fully squooshed images can be downloaded right to your computer.

The tool works offline in the browser once you’ve got it loaded and is compatible with most browsers (cue the Chrome versus Firefox debate). What’s more, Squoosh is open source, so you can see exactly how it works on GitHub.