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Which company thinks it can make global deliveries in 1 hour?

Answer: SpaceX.

by / October 19, 2020
A Starlink mission launch. Courtesy Image: SpaceX (Flickr)

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about online shopping deliveries.

The U.S. military wants to move its stuff around the world faster (like "anywhere on the planet in an hour" fast), and it's looking to a private space company to help make that happen. That’s why it just created a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with SpaceX and consulting firm Exploration Architecture Corporation.

The two companies will work together with the U.S. Transportation Command, the military agency in charge of moving the military’s stuff around, to explore the possibility of using rockets as a transportation vehicle. “Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload anywhere on the globe in less than an hour,” said Army general Stephen Lyons.

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