Who’s predicting this year’s Super Bowl?

Answer: Siri

by / February 1, 2017

Who’s performing at the Super Bowl halftime show? Where’s the closest sports bar showing the game? Who has more rushing yards this season: Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?

Usually when users ask Apple’s virtual assistant a question, she replies with a list of search results. But this week, Siri’s become a fan of the old pigskin and has been updated with specific answers to assist fans before, during and after the New England Patriots kick off against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. When asked what the odds are that the Pats will win, she quickly replied that “the odds favor the Patriots by 3 points” — good or bad information, depending on who’s asking.

And for less sports-inclined iPhone users, the virtual assistant has other important info for game day. “Siri, what channel is the Puppy Bowl on?”