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What is the most creative way to get someone to wear a mask?

Answer: Shooting it onto their face.

South Korea’s success in containing COVID-19 came at the price of sacrificing privacy.
Shutterstock/Yeongsik Im
This probably wouldn’t go over very well out in the real world, but it sure looks fun to do in a lab.

YouTuber Allen Pan decided to try to create a device that could put a mask onto someone else’s face without requiring anyone to touch them. His mask gun is made out of a spray paint pistol grip, a solenoid valve, some brake line and an 800 PSI CO2 canister. The mask has long strings at each corner with magnets, rather than earloops. Once the mask hits the target’s face, the magnets wrap around their head to secure it (think net launcher).

In his lab, Pan was able to successfully shoot the mask onto a dummy and his own face. However, when he took it to Huntington Beach, Calif., and let some passersby shoot masks at a dummy, the results were less encouraging. According to CNET, Pan said this was mostly due to the wind factor and his “debatedly shoddy craftsmanship.” It sure looked like fun to try though.