the database. It also processes a contractor pay estimate based on quantities documented. Before, we had to have additional people in each one of our field offices that would take that information and manually enter it into the system. That's what we identified earlier on in the feasibility study as one of the greatest benefits of the system--the elimination of manual data entry into the database."

The field book application project pleases department heads who've realized annual cost savings of $704,000, employees who gave the system a 94 percent approval rating and contractors who now get paid in days instead of weeks. The success is due to forward-thinking leaders, employees who voiced their opinion and, in part, to Sybase iAnywhere.

"In order to sync the stand-alone database on the handheld back to the enterprise database, you need to go through some complicated syncing logic," said Don Kartchner, original developer of the field book application for UDOT. "You need to have a product that can handle the complexities, and MobiLink does that. The MobiLink technology is, in my opinion, still the best."