Computer Services - Computer Repair and Maintenance

From East Central Workforce Investment Board. Submit by 6/14/2002.

by / May 29, 2002
Publication Date: 5/28/2002
Info Type: Bid
Owner: East Central Workforce Investment Board
Location: Chandler, OK
Submit by: 6/14/2002
Contact: Art Johnson (405) 258-1470

Description: Request for Bids/Quotes East Central Workforce Development, Inc. (Ecwd) is requesting bids/quotes on the items shown below. Ecwd will select a vendor from the bids/quotes received to provide services for a one year period. Ecwd is requesting bids/quotes on the following items: Computer Services - Computer repair and maintenance. Must be qualified to repair and maintain Windows, Windows 2000 Server, and Novell networked computers and servers. Ecwd will provide a more detailed bid specification sheet for each of the items shown. Individuals or entities that wish to receive a bid sheet should contact Art Johnson, Ecwd Director, P.O. Box 484, Chandler, Ok 74834, or phone (405) 258-1470 or e-mail at artj@bright ok. net. Bids/quotes must be received not later than 12:00 Noon on 6/14/2002