GovGirl: Can Government Do Viral Video?

Kristy Fifelski chats with local government officials who are defying the idea that government communication must be stiff and boring.

by / September 26, 2012

Most videos produced by government agencies don't get many views. How can we make them go viral?

Government Technology’s Kristy Fifelski – known in the IT industry as GovGirl -- talks with the creators of a new video parody of the popular Call Me Maybe music video. The San Francisco City Attorney’s version, Pay Me Maybe, was produced to publicize a hotline number to call for information on repayment eligibility of payday loans from a recent court ruling.

GovGirl chats via Google Hangout with Jen Drake, deputy director of community relations for the San Francisco Attorney’s Office; and Luke Stowe, Web communication specialist for Evanston, Ill.

Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy is known as “GovGirl” in the government technology industry. She is a former city government web manager who has a passion for social media, technology and the lighter side of government life. Kristy is the CEO of Government Social Media.