Taking One for the TEAM Taking One for the TEAM

work themselves out over time," said the Brennan Center's Levitt. "These are massive, massive new pieces of infrastructure."

As important as voting is to all Americans, Levitt said, we spend little money on the elections process, a burden that worsens as political engagement increases, as it has this year. "We tend to do elections on the cheap, and we get what we pay for. We have built a system that often isn't equipped for the sort of turnout we're seeing now," Levitt said.

"Having these records computerized really helps counties deal with the influx of people," he said. "Once they're up and running, it makes administration of elections much easier in the long run."

Levitt said the biggest challenge that states such as Texas face in bringing new systems online and troubleshooting them - in an arena as sensitive as elections management - is the public's expectations. "It's unrealistic for it to be 100 percent smooth from the get-go," he said. "But from the voter's perspective, it does have to be 100 percent smooth."

Patrick Michels  |  Contributing Writer
Patrick Michels is based in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. He writes for Government Technology, Texas Technology and Emergency Management magazines.