Government Futures, a Web 2.0 analysis and consulting firm, today released the first results of its "Keeping It Real" research, "Perspectives on Promises." The research analyzes, for realism and innovation, eight presidential front-runners' proposals on five issues critical to America's continued success and prosperity. The research was released at the Consumer Electronics Show Government Conference in Las Vegas.

The "Keeping It Real" research looked at five critical issues:

  • Immigration
  • Energy/environment
  • Health care
  • Veterans care
  • Government reform. 

The statements and plans of eight front runners -- Clinton, Edwards, Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Obama, Romney, Thompson -- were evaluated for innovation and realism.

"For the most part, the candidates' plans for addressing these critical issues fall short in terms of realism. There is little evidence that they understand what it will take to solve these problems in a time frame that's acceptable to the American people," said Bruce McConnell, former White House information technology chief and president of Government Futures.  "Industry and government leaders back in Washington must find ways to change the level of discussion, or we will make insufficient progress in the coming years."

In the immigration area, for example, Government Futures surveys and research show that the candidates' approaches to establishing a nationwide verification system that enables employers to easily check the legal status of job applicants will take five or more years to complete. "In effect, they are saying the rule of law will not apply to immigrant job seekers until 2014 -- and that's a long way from what Americans are looking for," McConnell said.