A (USB) Stick with which to Beat Malware

Fits in any pocket or briefcase and is always available when you need to scan an unknown PC or clean an infected computer.

by / May 28, 2008
EMSI a-squared Emergency USB Stick EMSI

Most users no longer work on a single computer. They switch from their desktop computer to a notebook or the PC of a colleague. When underway they use an Internet cafe or a hotel PC. Fortune favors those who have the a-squared Emergency USB Stick in their pocket when doing this. It can be quickly plugged into any computer in order to check for Malware infection and remove it immediately.

All computers look essentially the same from the outside. However, before a user starts working on a new PC, he or she is well advised to thoroughly check that it is "clean." Experts now recognize over one million damaging programs that can infiltrate a PC. It is better to play it safe with products such as the new a-squared Emergency USB Stick.

The a-squared Emergency USB Stick fits in any pocket or briefcase and is always available when you need to scan an unknown PC or clean an infected computer. The USB stick contains two programs that can used immediately after the USB stick is plugged into the computer, without any additional software installation.

The a-squared Emergency USB Stick, which costs $20.00 with 1 GB of storage, comes with two pieces of malware scanning software and several pieces of trial software pre-installed. The first program on the USB stick is a-squared Free. This is a Windows malware scanner with a graphical user interface that helps to find Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, dialers, keyloggers and other damaging software at the click of a mouse. Any damaging programs found by the software can then either be immediately deleted or placed first in quarantine.

The stick also comes with a command line alternative to a-squared Free, a-squared Command Line Scanner. Professional users like this version because it can easily be integrated into batch file actions. It also comes with trial versions of the latest a-squared Anti-Malware, a-squared Anti-Dialer, a-squared HiJackFree and Mamutu products.

The a-squared Emergency USB Stick with both programs, the demos and a total capacity of 1 GB costs $20.00 (incl. sales tax and shipping). If you order the stick together with a full version of a-squared Anti-Malware or Mamutu, then the stick costs only $15.