Redact-It Enterprise Server 6.0 Released

Scalable, fault-tolerant redaction server for bulk processing of document and image files on-demand as part of a workflow process.  

by / June 13, 2008

Informative Graphics Corporation recently released the next version of its Redact-It Enterprise Server software. The Redact-It software suite is the offers scanning, desktop and server software that can intelligently detect and automatically remove private information such as social security numbers, names and phone numbers before making documents secure and available to a wider audience. Once information is redacted, the software creates a new PDF, TIFF or secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) rendition, leaving the source file untouched. No metadata or redacted data is transferred to the rendition.

"State governments are critical arenas for the public's right to know, in part because they are a major force in the country's political economy. They employ about five million people and spend some $1.5 trillion a year," a recent study found. "They play a major role in regulating business and protecting the public, and they are often in the vanguard of public policy innovation. Making those activities more transparent is a vital public benefit."

However, many government organizations are resisting broad information dissemination until technology is available to prevent privacy information from accidental release.

Redact-It Enterprise is a scalable, fault-tolerant redaction server for bulk processing of document and image files on-demand as part of a workflow process. The software is used by state and local governments, law firms and corporate legal departments to cleanse privacy information. Documents include government forms, digital documents and files retrieved for litigation purposes and public records. Redact-It is tightly integrated into leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems and scan/capture systems such as EMC Documentum, Interwoven WorkSite, Kofax Ascent Capture, Microsoft SharePoint, and Open Text Livelink ECM.

Other features include the following:
o High scalability for enterprise environments
o Policy-based intelligent redaction for automated electronic document processing
o Redacts any file format, including PDF, TIFF, Word, image formats, email and document formats
o Outputs to PDF, TIFF or secure CSF
o Uses patent-pending technology to intelligently remove privacy information from all files
o Touch-less design to prevent altering of source documents
o Integration into file management, content management systems and document portals