Richmond, Va., Police Deploy Mobile Tactical Command System

Tactical command and control system to shorten response time, gain geospatial insights of crime trends, and enhance officer safety.

by / July 18, 2008

The Richmond, Va., Police Department (RPD) is using a mobile tactical collaboration system (MTCS) and a global positioning system devices to enhance police operations. The system will be used for a variety of functions from critical incident response, major events security and critical infrastructure protection, to routine patrol operations and weekly briefings on crime trends throughout the city.

In addition to supplying the collaborative command and control software and GPS trackers, Ordia Solutions will provide the department with training, support, system customization, and additional services to integrate MTCS with existing technologies including CAD and AVL systems. "Knowing the real-time location of our officers in relation to an operation, incident site, support elements, and each other is of immense benefit to the chain of command and officer safety," said David M. McCoy, interim chief, Richmond Police. "The Ordia Solutions technology has given the Department a force-multiplier advantage during the planning and execution of a major incident response or routine police operation."

Because the MTCS tactical command and control system is Web-based and inherently interoperable, RPD is leading an effort to bring other local, state, and federal law enforcement jurisdictions, as well as Fire and EMS services in the Richmond area, to be part of a regional mutual aid consortium using MTCS, for those public safety operations where a regional, all-hazard, coordinated, and timely response is essential.