Current FBI statistics show a laptop is stolen every 12 seconds, and once gone there is only a 3% chance of recovery. That is why Front Door Software has released a new feature for its Retriever laptop security product that "locks your laptop's front door," according to a company news release. If a laptop is lost or stolen, Retriever customers can now log onto the internet and track their computers using Google Maps if it goes online.

"The Google Map Tracking feature is new. We are offering this feature free of charge to the first 25,000 customers who install the program. After that, we plan on charging for the Google tracking capability," Carrie Hafeman, CEO of Front Door Software said.

Anyone can go to the company's Web site and install the program in less than 5 minutes. Once the customer has successfully installed the Retriever, they receive an email, informing them that their new Google Tracking feature has been enabled.

Current FBI statistics show a laptop is stolen every 12 seconds, and once gone there is only a 3% chance of recovery.

If a laptop is lost or stolen, the Retriever can help the owner try to blast a message to the laptop that states THIS COMPUTER IS REPORTED STOLEN, lock it down with a 1-50 character lockdown code, send a personal message to the thief, and get a Google Map of where the laptop is communicating from.

The company has registered thousands of new users from universities, school districts, government organizations, and corporations from around the world. However, there are also customers simply interested in protecting their personal information.

The first installation is free. A second computer can be protected for $19.95. Prices drop to only $7.95 each for 500 or more, and universities and school districts can protect all of their laptops and PCs with a site license of only $10,000 per year.

Front Door Software also donates Retriever licenses to charities. The Visiting Nurse Service Inc. in Indiana has received 211 free Retriever licenses this month. "Front Door is thrilled to be able to help charities. That last thing charities need to use their funds for is to replace stolen laptops," adds Hafeman. "By providing the Retriever security product, we can help offer peace of mind and reassurance that people's laptops, information and identity are better protected."

For more product information about Front Door Software and to get the new Google Map Tracking feature go the company's Web site.