Which country recently banned a city management simulation game?

Answer: Thailand

by News Staff / August 5, 2014

Thailand’s film and video censorship office recently blocked sale of Tropico 5, for fear that “some part of its content might affect peace and order in the country,” the Associated Press reported. The popular Tropico computer games place the player in the role of a president overseeing a tropical island who is free to rule his nation as a capitalist, communist or military dictator.

Thailand has been under military dictatorship since May 22, following a coup. "Actually it's a good game with positive reviews,” Thailand marketing manager Nonglak Sahavattanapong told the Associated Press. “We've had licenses to distribute Tropico 3 and 4 before, but in the fifth installment, the story line has developed further and there might be some part of it that's not appropriate in the current situation."

The censorship office has in the past blocked many things deemed immoral or critical of the government. Cigarettes and alcohol are frequently blurred out on television, and last year a Thai adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth was banned for fear the work could cause divisiveness among the people.