Whatever Happened To ...

We check in with initiatives we’ve covered over the past few years and ask, ‘Where are they now?’

by / August 28, 2013
Shutterstock.com/bahri altay

Remember the project that seemed like it could be a game changer for how government provides services to the homeless? How about the initiative by numerous states to collaborate on cloud data storage? Or the one that sought to redefine how local governments share apps with each other?

Government Technology caught up with these and other projects that had potential to redefine government’s work, services and systems. Here’s a look at what’s happened since we first reported on these noteworthy initiatives.


Whatever Happened To ... White Space Network Products, L.A.'s Gmail Contract, Fingerprint ID Program?

Whatever Happened To ... Texas Town’s QR Codes, Multistate Cloud Storage Initiative, Utah’s Hybrid Cloud?

Whatever Happened To ... NYC Surveillance Dashboard?

Whatever Happened To … Chattanooga’s Gigabit Internet?