TOP NEWS   Granicus Buys Vision Internet The move, presumably funded on the back of private equity investment, gives Granicus a way to more smoothly connect together its various services through government websites. It's also the second time the company has merged with another company on the GovTech 100. Louisville's Drones-Plus-ShotSpotter Plan is First of its Kind The city is seeking federal approval through a special program to use autonomous drones to respond to gunshot reports. It would probably be the first time a city has done it.   CSDC Reorganizes, Embraces the Cloud and APIs The company, more than two decades old, is taking its core platform and introducing a subscription model with an eye toward soon putting it into the cloud. On its way, the company has brought in new leadership and begun a push toward better integration through APIs.   Pushing Toward the Cloud, Oracle Plans 12 New Data Centers The company will build half of its new data centers in Asia, two in Europe, two in Canada and two in the U.S. as it looks to compete more with companies like Amazon and Microsoft for cloud business. MARKET SPOTLIGHT The Gray Tsunami: Voting Tech Edition Although most Americans think of elections as happening every two years, election officials know there are smaller votes held all the time. And as it turns out, those officials are working with voting technology that is now at least a decade old. The data shows that the problem is widespread, if not universal. WATCHLIST GovTech company on our radar this week:

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